Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy happy Friday y'all! Today I am talking all things Monogrammed. As most girls in the south, I love a good monogram. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite monogrammed items!

1. Monogrammed Necklaces- I adore unique necklaces. I can't think of anything more individual than a personalized necklace. I have a script monogram necklace that I wear almost daily. My other favorite necklace is a gold charm necklace with my initials. I also gave these necklaces to my  bridesmaids. I love that every time I wear it, it reminds me of out wedding day. Both are from my favorite accessory store in Raleigh Charlotte's.  

2. Coffee Mug- Most mornings you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at work while trying to wake up. I have had this mug from Marley Lilly for about 3 years and still get tons of complements. An added bonus is that if I ever leave it in a meeting they always know who to return it to! 

3. Wooden wall art- A wooden monogram is a great alternative to a wreath on your front door. I have also placed mine within a wreath to add extra dimension.  Also, if your feeling extra crafty, you could change the color with a bit of spray paint based on the holiday!

4. Monogrammed Sheets- These sheets are currently on my wish list once we sell our home in Wilmington. Crisp monogram really pops against the white sheets. I love the idea of changing accent pillows of throws based on the season. I girl can dream right? 

5. Fleece Pullover- I have several of these in different styles and colors. They are my go to when I want to be comfy but still put together. The  fleece jacket is my go to when headed to the gym.  Mine are all half zips 

Monograms, yay or nay? If yes, share your favorite things! Hope y'all stay warm this Friday! 



  1. Monogram junkie right here, too. You can't go five feet in our house without seeing something monogrammed, poor husband. I love those necklaces, that's one of the few things I don't have my initials stamped on...yet. I think my favorite monogrammed things are towels and our Tervis Tumblers. ; ) Have a great weekend!

  2. I have a gold monogrammed necklace and I love it! I recently saw someone with her husband's initials on her necklace and I just loved that!

    Our pillowcases are monogrammed (just mine now because Brandon lost his pillows - whoops!). I've been wanting to get our shams monogrammed, but I just can't decide.

  3. I saw your monogramed boots running around Crabtree Wednesday!

  4. Ha! Love this! Love it so much! Cheers to being southern and monogramming everything!!! xx

  5. This is the best list ever. Monograms for life!!!! I've been eyeing down some monogrammed sheets lately! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have been wanting a small necklace with my initial on it like that forever! I haven't seen wooden monograms like that before but that is such a good idea for a wreath!

  7. I love that mug.. and everything else on here if I'm being honest :)

  8. Love all of this!! I've been wanting a monogram necklace ever since my monogram changed ;) Still waiting on it!

  9. So glad you found my blog- I'm now your newest follower :) Anyone who loves monograms as much as I do is definitely my kind of girl! I'm especially loving the clean, elegant look of the bedding!

  10. Love the bedding! My husband and I just got a new set from Pottery Barn and I am obsessed with the monogram! Check out


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