Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sweetheart First Birthday

Last weekend, we invited friends and family over to celebrate Caroline's first birthday. While she is not old enough to understand what having a birthday party means, Caroline still had a blast seeing all of her favorite people and tearing up some wrapping paper. This party was really a celebration for all three of us making it a year together as a family. 

All things pink and Valentines Day was the party theme. Perfect since she is our sweetheart through and though. My inspiration was lots of hearts, gold and pink. 

Decorations were a cinch thanks to Target's dollar spot. Including the huge pink tassel balloon that I found one day in the bins. Several of the items I used were repurposed from her bedroom as well. I printed out her monthly photos through Amazon's photo service which was a breeze to use and cost under $2. 

The milestone chalkboard was a labor of love as I am not crafty at all! The smash cake and cupcakes were homemade using this recipe from Courtney. The icing was delicious and beats store-bought 100%.

The weather was unseasonably warm for February so we were able to enjoy the patio and lawn games outside. We also had beer and punch for the adults to enjoy. 

Sweet Caroline was not a fan of the smash cake. She was very timid in picking at the icing at first. Then we we tried to have her get messy, she became upset with the stickiness of her hands. This photo captures her frustration in trying to get the icing off her hands but not knowing what to do. 

Overall, it was a perfect party celebrating our little one. This year has flown by so quickly it is astounding. So many great memories have been made and I am sure there are plenty more to come. 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Caroline | Twelve Months

Sweet, sweet Caroline you are officially 12 months old. I swear something clicked on your birthday and you decided to become an independent, curious, on the move toddler. You love reading and pointing at faces in books. Enjoy chasing Charlie around the house. Your favorite by far is eating and you love to feed yourself and stuff your little cheeks full of cheese!

Here are a few little things about you from your twelfth month:

Nicknames: Little Bit, Sweet Girl

Height & Weight: As of your one year doctor appointment, you weigh 19 1/2 pounds and are 28 inches long. 

Looks: Your blonde hair is getting full and curlier with every passing week. Those chipmunk cheeks and bright blue eyes are my favorite.

Personality: Getting more independent each day. You are becoming quite vocal about likes and dislikes. You will become upset and ask for help when something you want is a bit out of reach. You are truly a happy and joyful little girl every day.

Eating: We have a little toddler on our hands when it comes to eating. Finger foods are your favorite especially fruit and cheese. Yogurt and cheese are still your two favorite foods. We are working together to eliminate bottles completely. Right now you have one in the morning and one before bed. You still get so excited when you see your bottle and immediately grab for it at bedtime.

Sleeping:  You are consistently sleeping from 6pm- 5ish. Naps are a different story. We try 2 naps a day but you are consistently getting in a morning nap from 9- 11. The afternoon nap sometimes ends up being a playtime in your crib. 

Wearing:  Size 4 diapers. 9 - 12 month clothing depending on the brand. You have been wearing the same pair of gold moccs (size 2) for a year now. We still get tons of compliments on them daily!

Favorite Things: You love your family including the pups. You squeal anytime one of us enters the room. There are extra belly laughs for the pups and their crazy antics. 

Least Favorite Things: Not being able to get things you find interest in and then being reprimanded because they are dangerous. Quite a battle keeping you away from cords, stairs and outlet plugs. You will persist in trying to get things and then begin to grunt/pout when you can't get it.  

Big things happening this month: 
The biggest of all, celebrating your first birthday!!
You can pull to stand on almost anything and can cruise for a few steps.
You visited your great grandmother and helped her celebrate her 100th birthday!!

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekend Sales

Popping in today to share some great sales I stumbled upon at a few of my favorite stores. I love stocking up in preparation of spring and my wardrobe needs a major revamp since all my pre-baby clothes fit completely differently these days. Ahem...goodbye boobs. Old Navy is running a great promo where the entire site is up to 40% off also you can get another 30% off all order with the code: Enjoy only good for today!  You can also snag an additional 30% with the code: Deal.  This one is good the entire weekend. These are few of my favorites including my favorite peplum t and distressed jeans.

Of course, most of my cart is filled with adorable finds for Caroline. I love Old Navy's baby line. You really can't beat the price and can always wait to snag basics on sale.

Gap is also running a great sale right now the entire site is 40% off online only. Plus you can save 25% off with the code more.

Favs for mom:

Favs for baby girl:

Lastly, Loft is having 40% off the entire site with the code: Happy.

Happy Shopping!!!

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