Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Friday Five

I hope y’all have had a wonderful week. I am mixing up today’s Friday five to feature all things fall! We are headed to the mountains today with friends to celebrate Joe’s 30th birthday! I am in the mood for all things fall and for me that means boiled peanuts, hot apple cider and roasting s’mores.  This week has been an eventful one for me so I am thrilled to be taking a three day weekend and spend some time relaxing with friends.

{One} Eating. What birthday celebration would be complete without some cake? Joe requested his favorite dish for the trip red velvet trifle. I have made this trifle countless times for many birthdays and potlucks over the years.  I have decided to change it up this year and make a red velvet Oreo trifle! I can’t wait to dig into this.

 {Two} Drinking. Apple Cider of course!! Mixing it up a bit and making this Apple Cider and Cranberry Sangria.

 {Three} Wearing.  Give me an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings all weekend please. I love this outfit and the scallop details on the purse are darling!

{Four} Baking. The perfect fall breakfast in my mind is anything warm and filling that can be enjoyed with a delicious cup of coffee. These Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls by the Pioneer Woman are the perfect mountain breakfast before a long walk on the trails.

{Five} Looking Forward To. Changing leaves, mountain views and exploring trails. I can’t wait to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and hike the trails near the cabin.

It's time to get on the road! I hope y'all have a fabulous Friday!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Listening and Resting

Today my leg/ankle is still not feeling 100%. The pain has improved drastically from yesterday. I think the combination of rest and pain killers really helped minimize my discomfort today. It is still a no-go on cardio exercise since I can’t put much weight on my leg. I am taking it day by day because I want to heal fully in hopes of a full recovery by November. I have already registered and paid for the City of Oaks half-marathon in November that I was really looking forward too!

Being sidelined with an injury is no fun. Unfortunately, it happens to me often due to a weak ankle that I sprained years ago. My exercise focus right now is recovery and strength training. I love running and getting a good cardio workout so having to rest and elevate makes me a bit irritable.

 One thing I know I can control is my diet. Hoping to take this rest time to focus on my relationship with food and fueling by body with nutritious foods. Looking back at my YEARS of dieting I have learned that I tend to eat my emotions. Happy, sad, stressed or even bored have some emotional tie in with food. My relationship with food is something that I have been striving to work on these past few months. I don't want it to rule over me and fill me with regret and sadness. I want to be comfortable with enjoying what my body craves not what I feel like I have to eat.  Exercise has been my saving grace for not gaining 50+ pounds due to my emotional eating. With exercise taken away, it is the perfect time to focus on nutrition and not make it a diet but a lifestyle change.

I love that this little blog is a space of my own and can change as my goals refocus. Look forward to more healthy recipes and nutrition tips coming your way as I learn along my journey.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Joe and I kicked off the weekend with a perfectly scary night out with friends at Darkside Haunted Estates. Having never been to a haunted farm before I had no idea what to expect but was impressed (terrified) by the theatrics and props used for the maze of haunted houses. The estates had countless dark and winding houses to explore each with different terrifying themes. Our group's favorite was a creepy Christmas themed house and a pitch black maze complete with terrifying music and black lights. Surprisingly I slept soundly that night with zero nightmares. 

Saturday we headed with friends to the NC State Fair. I love that we are so close to so many fun things to do since we moved to Cary. My favorite part of the fair is always grabbing breakfast at one of the local church buildings and visiting the beautiful gardens. A close second is enjoying my yearly cup of NC State Ice Cream. 

The boys enjoying Apple Slushes 

Campfire Ice Cream from NC State Creamery 

I put all that good carb loading to use Sunday morning at the Bull City Race Fest. I ran the half-marathon with a group of friends from church. I planned on running this race for fun and that is just what I did. The hills in Durham are no joke and after almost every turn there was another hill to conquer!!

Unfortunately, the hills got the best of me and I ended up straining my Achilles tendon and it started to get inflamed around mile 8. I was running with a friend which really helped me power through the last few miles. We ran up until mile 10 and then alternating walking hills and running down hills and flat stretches. We crossed the finish lie at 2:40 and I made my way straight to the recovery tent. Thanks to a great therapist my leg was rolled and stretched out to help with recovery. 

Afterwards, we checked out the food truck rally that was waiting at the finish line! My leg was still bothering me a lot so after browsing we skipped the food trucks and opted for a sit down dinner. 

My restaurant of choice was Tribecca Tavern which is quickly becoming our favorite Cary restaurant. After resting and recovering from the morning race, we spent the afternoon enjoying delicious seasonal drinks and baked brie poofs while watching some football. 

Talk about a weekend! I am still not 100% today from the race yesterday but am hopefully on the way to recovery. We have a short week ahead because Friday we are heading to the mountains to celebrate Joe's birthday! To wrap everything up here is a sneak peek at this week's meal plans.

Weeknight Menu

Tuesday: Dinner w/ Parents

Friday: Grilling at the Cabin & S'mores 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with an fitness update and my plans for the next few months. 

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