Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday lovelies! Today is a teacher workday and my first day back to work since Christmas break.Going back on a Friday is always extra hard since you know the weekend is right around the corner. To get today started on the right foot by listing five things I am thankful for today's Five on Friday.

 1. My amazing husband. Moving away from our first home and starting new jobs really showed me what an amazing support I have in Joe. He helped calm me when I had anxiety over leaving Wilmington and our unknown future. He always finds a way to make me laugh no matter the situation.

2. Amazing parents. This I never say enough. My parents have been my cheering squad and support for every major life endeavor. They welcomed Joe to the family with open arms. Now they love Joe (almost) more than me. My mother has been through a lot over these past 10 years. Still she is one of the most bubbly and cheerful people you will meet. My dad has always been a quiet rock and support of our family.

3. My health. I have put my body through a lot. Two half-marathons, countless 5ks and one painful attempt at a marathon. An addition I have tried numerous eating styles and diet plans. Some healthy some not so much. Thankfully, I have only had minor injuries and can still recover quickly from longer races. Also, taking the stairs to our apartment no longer leaves me winded and running hills has become almost fun.

4. Our pup Charlie. He is my cuddle buddy when your feeling down and a bundle of energy when it is playtime. Everyone always says getting a dog prepares you for children. I can say that we are not nearly  ready for kids yet. But I can't believe how much joy this 7 lb pup brings to our lives.

5. Amazing Jobs. Joe and I both are loving the new roles that has come with our job changes. For me, it is so refreshing to want to read research and then get the chance to apply it in the schools daily. I absolutely love research and now that I get the chance to follow best practices and  be on the cutting edge of school psychology I love it! It has been great to spend more time working hands on with kids than spending in meetings.
What are you thankful for this Friday?

*Qs- I was thinking of doing a post explaining more about my field and job as a School Psychologist. Please let me know if your interested. 



  1. I almost got my degree in school psychology! At that last minute I ended up getting my master's in marriage and family therapy instead. I still love working with the kiddos though!

  2. Each of these resonates with me so much. Being in a new place is hard, but we have so much to be thankful for with amazing hubsters, supportive families, great jobs, and of COURSE previous pups!! I am right there with you, babe! xx

  3. Your pup is so cute! And I love your pink/red/coral pants. Happy weekend!

  4. Wow a marathon?! Thats awesome! I'd like to get back into running... maybe 2014 will be the year! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm :)

  5. I agree with Elise. Being in a new place is hard....I am still working on getting a good support system a year and a half later. Thanks for this.

  6. Doing a marathon sounds amazing, and being healthy is the best part! Happy Friday!

  7. Not looking forward to my teacher workday on Monday, but it had to happen sooner or later, right? :) I would definitely be interested in a post about your job. I always like exploring options as a relatively new teacher!

  8. Sounds like you have a lot of great things going on in your life! Way to go on all the running success!


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