Friday, January 17, 2014

Five On Friday

Oh happy day! Today marks the start of a three day weekend. I know many teachers who are counting down the hours to end of the school day with me!  Work is quite ridiculous right now with lots of deadlines and assessments looming in the next three weeks. I can't wait to catch my breath and slow down for a bit this weekend. 

Of course, Friday means linking up for Five on Friday. Below are a few things that have been making my week.  

1. Neutrogenea Lip Color Stick in Honey- I have slowly been growing my lipstick collection over the past two years. These sticks are a wonderful smooth texture and have a great color. The Honey color has been my go to for the past few weeks. 

2. Avocado Egg Salad Wrap- I have always been skeptical about egg salad. I love hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs. This recipe is something I could make for lunch to spice up my  salads! 

3. Energizing Dry Shampoo by L'Oreal Paris. I am a huge advocate for dry shampoo. Not washing my hair daily has helped extend the life of my color and cut down my time getting ready. I have tried tons of different dry shampoos and this one is by favorite dug store brand! It gives body to my hair and absorbs the grease from the day before. 

4. Pandora The Lumineers Station- I have been jamming out at work lately to The Lumineers station. I love their soothing voices and catchy tunes. Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers also pop up on this station as well.

5. Hair Appointment- Today after work, I am heading to get my hair cut and colored at Blo Salon. My color has just started to grow out so this appointment is right on time. We are working on going gradually lighter each appointment. My hair inspiration right now is Lauren Conrad. I have loved her since the Laguna Beach days.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Friday! 




  1. Ooh will have to try the L'Oreal dry shampoo for sure. Your dog is so adorable! TGIF :)

  2. I'll have to try the Neutrogena lipsticks, I've been hooked on the Revlon Colorburst balms lately and they're pretty great too!

    Caitlin C

  3. I'll have to try that dry shampoo, my beloved Oscar Blandi Pronto was discontinued/changed and I've tried probably 20 since and nothing compares. Love the Lumineers, AB & Mumford & Sons, will have to check out that channel. Happy 3day weekend! : )

  4. I've never been able to get the hang of dry shampoo. I feel like it works a little, but 10 minutes later, my hair is back to how it was before. Maybe I'm not using enough? I should check out the L'Oreal stuff because it sounds awesome!

  5. I'm going to need to try that avocado egg salad wrap! I get so bored with my lunches. Lately I've been loving the "Of Monsters and Men" soundtrack. It gets very similar songs to yours and I've only ever skipped one song on it.

  6. I'm Lumineers and dry shampoo obsessed, too! There's nothing better than new hair. Hope you have a great start to your weekend!

  7. I starting making a healthy egg salad every week for lunch a couple of months ago and am still hooked! You should definitely try it. Happy weekend!

  8. LOVE dry shampoo!! It took me awhile to find the right one for dark hair, but I can't live without it!

  9. Cheers right back to ya, babe!!! Girl I feel ya on remembering those days of long assessments and deadlines...eeek! Makes my head hurt for ya just thinking about it! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend though, sweetness!! xx


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