Monday, July 15, 2013

Food & Fitness: July 15- 20

Unfortunately due to dinners out, birthday celebrations, and having company over last week meal plan did not go as planned. One recipe that I was determined to try was this cherry roasted tomato sauce which was a hit! I am excited to have new recipes that incorporate produce from our garden. In regards to fitness and workouts, I was able to keep up with my running and strength training during the week. Due to hectic fun weekend I was unable to complete my long run.  So I am going to get a few extra miles this week to make up for it.
  I think your going to start seeing a theme here. Again this week's dinner menu is all about simple and healthy.

Monday: Santa Fe Chicken

Tuesday: BBQ Turkey Burgers with Grilled Corn
Above is my go to recipe for grilling corn. Instead of adding herb butter as it calls for in the recipe I am going to try Laughing cow herb and garlic cheese wedges.  

Wednesday: Baked Ziti with Summer Vegetables 

Thursday: Company Pot Roast

 Friday: Honey Sesame Chicken

Monday: Upper body strength
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: Interval workout, upper & lower body strength 
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: Interval workout & upper body strength
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 3 miles

As you can see I am still trucking along with the half-marathon training. No complaints so far besides the heat! On longer runs I try and get up before the sun has risen to beat the heat. It is not so fun waking up at 5 on summer break but it still beats running in 80+ degree weather as soon as the sun rises.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
Best wishes,

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  1. All your meals look so delicious!! We absolutely love grilling corn in the summer. I bet we have it at least once a week!


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