Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!! Here a bit of my favorite things this week. 

1. I have been guzzling homemade detox water this week. I make a pitcher each night filling it with a handful fresh cut fruit and herbs. My favorite combos have been cucumber and mint and watermelon and mint.

2. This TED talk really spoke to me this week. The part that really stuck was how the 20's are the last critical period for adult development that can cause changes in your personality and brain development. I have been slacking majorly in my personal development. So I have made it a goal to spend less time on social media and a little more time engaging my brain and learn new things.  An easy way is to listen to start listening to more TED talks instead of Pandora on my evening walks.

3. On a less serious note, I stumbled upon this honest & hilarious comic on Facebook. I laughed out loud at several parts. In the end I really agree that running is about seeking clarity, even if it is just for a few moments.

4. Soaking up every moment of sunshine possible. Enjoying early morning runs, lazy pool/beach days and lunches on the waterway. Beach life at it's finest.

5. Charlie our favorite fur baby is officially 4 months old! He had his check up last week and had gained over a pound since we brought him home. This week he started puppy training classes. He is has already mastered sit. I am hoping we have a smart boy on our hands!

First week home

Four month check-up 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have plans to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather on the boat.

Best Wishes,


  1. I feel the same way about personal development, it's time to get serious about that! I love to watch TED talks during lunch breaks during the school year, they're a great length to watch 1 or 2 then.

  2. Ok, so I know I've already commented once but now I've watched the TED talk and wow. Harsh, harsh truth. She's so right and I love that she's saying something that will be an unpopular thing to say because it goes against what the media and celebrities tell us, but she backs it up with data.

    1. I know! It was harsh, but I loved it especially the data. :)

  3. My coworker gets this drink from Cozi that is sweetened peach tea with fresh mint it is sooooo good. I am going to try and make it at home.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. oh my gOSH. that face!! what an adorable pup!!!

    my friend Nikki (the pink growl) just posted this TED video today also and i LOVED it!! it was a great speech.


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