Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What to Wear to Barre

First thing, barre classes are a great total body workout. I have noticed huge changes in my muscles and flexibility since starting Pure Barre five months agog. The added benefit of looking cute is a bonus. One of my favorite things are the flattering, cute clothing you get the chance to sport to class. I know many are intimated when attending their first class due to not knowing what to wear. I have but together a little cheat sheet to make sure your not worrying about your outfit and can focus on getting your burn on! 
  • Tops
Barre classes incorporate a lot of upper boy movements which require your arms to be able to move freely. Loose tanks are my go to for barre. They keep you cool while enabling a wide range of movement. I prefer tanks with built in support which allows me to not worry about a sports bra as an extra layer. 

Favorite Tanks:
Zella Tanks {here}
All Current Tank {here}
Lululemon Wild Tank {here}
C9 Tanks {here} {here}
Under Armour Tanks {here}

  • Bottoms 
During barre classes your legs are often in odd positions such as up in the air or with a band around both thighs, so always make sure your legs are covered. I have been rocking leggings for most of the winter but now as it warms up I find myself granting toward crops. Don't let the light weights fool you, I still get pretty sweaty. 

Favorite Bottoms:
Alo Goddess Ribbed Leggings {here}
Lululemon WonderUnder {here}
Zella Live In Leggings {here}
  • Socks & Accessories 

Most barre classes I have attended require socks of some sort during class. They help you keep your highest heels and prevent you from slipping. My go to are the Pure Barre socks that they sell at the studio. However, you are not limited to these as there are tons of other options! Shashi makes adorable glitter barre socks that are on the top of my list. Also, Lululemon makes some cute ones with sayings like nice ledge or higher heels. You have got to be quick to pick them up as they sell out quickly. 

I always bring a water bottle with me to class. I try and sip as much water I can during transitions. As you know, staying hydrated can help increase far burn. My favorite bottles have straws to making sipping water during class easier. 

My favorite brands for barre/yoga gear are Alo, Zella, Splits59, Lululemon and Target. Lots of my friends love Old Navy's activewear line. However, I have found it just does not work for me. Here are some of my favorites to make your shopping easy...
A quick note on caring for your workout gear. Always air dry them. I wash everything in cold water and on the delicate cycle. Then air dry. They last longer and there is less pilling. Also, it maintains the intregity of the sweat wicking material.

What is your favorite workout gear?

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  1. i love those socks! camelbak = a must. i have like 5 bc i can't stop buying new fun colors! my faves are athleta, lululemon, puma, ellie, soooometimes target, and soooometimes old navy. just depends!

  2. I love this.. We are getting a studio and I want to try it :)

  3. Love this!!! And the see you at the barre shirt...my fave. xx

  4. I can't get enough of Barre! It is such a great workout! Xo, Stephanie

  5. Wow! I wish I could shop for all. Shopping is something because of which I started working out. I bought a fine legging once and I was so in love with it that I started working out to get in shape so that such leggings looked amazing on me. Your post gave a lot of information and I am grateful to you for that.


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