Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Little Late: Weekend Recap

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your week is started off on the right foot. It has been quite hectic lately and today has been the first chance to sit down and catch up. I apologize for the lack of pictures as I completely slacked on documenting this weekend. Thursday my mother had surgery at Duke to correct slipping disks in her upper vertebrae. As with any major surgery, I always get a bit nervous before the actual procedure. The doctor was amazing  and said a beautiful prayer before they took her back. This really helped to ease our worries. Everything went well with the procedure and she was released to go home and recover Friday afternoon.

After visiting my parents at Duke Friday, I went home and got ready for company! It is strange to host people in our tiny apartment. I guess if they don't mind the lack of space then I should not either. Two of our friends Christina and Joe came into visit for the weekend. Once everyone arrived after work we headed off to Winston Salem to visit a friend's brewery White Street Brewery. The brewery had a local food truck outside to provide dinner for customers. I knew this was something the group would love. We had a great time trying their custom beers. I even found one I liked! That is a rare occurrence since I don't drink beer.

After a few rounds of drinks, we headed back to the apartment where we turned into our old college selves. Circle of death made an embarrassing appearance. While it was fun to relive our college memories my body does not recover like it used to!

Saturday's weather left much to be desired. So Christina and I hit the mall and enjoyed the chance to stretch our legs. I have a feeling that when I get older I will be one of those old ladies in a wind suit walking laps around the mall.

That night we headed out for dinner at Tribecca Tavern in Cary. This was one of the first restaurants Joe and I discovered when we moved to the area. It quickly became a favorite and we enjoy taking all of our friends when they are in town.

After a busy weekend, Sunday was spent recovering and catching up on chores.  Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week especially when I am  able to get in a great Pure Barre workout. I also got the chance to try on bridesmaid dresses for my little's wedding! After trying on dresses, I am ready to get my booty back in shape. I have a plan and will be sharing it with you all soon!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. Sundays are becoming my favorite too. Are we getting old? haha!

  2. Glad everything went well for your mom! I don’t drink beer much either, but every once in a while a cold beer just tastes good! Isn’t it fun reliving the college memories!? And oh gosh! I cannot recover close to what I use to! I think I was wiped out for all of Saturday this past weekend! I love Sundays.. and quiet Sundays with a mix of relax and getting things done so I’m ready for the week!


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