Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Walt Disney World: Epcot

Today I am sharing the highlights of our trip Epcot. Better late than never right? You can read about our fun outside the park and exploring Animal Kingdom here and here

We visited Epcot over the course of two days. One day we made sure to arrive right as the park was opening to get in the popular rides without the hour long lines. Within an hour of the park opening we were able to ride Soarin', Mission Space and Test Track. 

Soarin' is a flight simulator ride that takes you on a hang glider ride over California. This was surprisingly the group favorite. I was surprised how fun the ride was due to it's unassuming location. It is located in The Land Pavillon down a long hallway with little fanfare. 

Not a favorite, Mission Space.  Mission Space is another simulator ride but extremely intense. The simulation was built to mirror the g forces astronauts experience when going into space. Thanks to this ride I know I will not be singing up to go to space. This ride made all of us extremely nauseous. Not in a fun roller coster way. If you want to do this ride, choose the Green Team!

Another favorite was Turtle Talk with Crush. Crush interacts with the crowd answering kid's questions about the ocean. I was amazed by the ability to recognize and respond to  specific individuals in the room. 

We also made sure to ride the most iconic ride at Epcot, Spaceship Earth. 

The end of the ride now features an interactive story. It uses your picture to tell a story of how life might be in the future based on answers to a series of questions. June and my story placed us on vacation under the sea while an automated robot took care of our dogs!

We also took one afternoon to enjoy drinks around the world. I could have spend days enjoying the different countries and trying all the unique food and beverages. We also stumbled upon one restaurant that served cronuts which of course we had to try!
Nome in Norway

Drinks in Italy

Delicious Cronut

We enjoyed dinner at Canada and hung out to see the fireworks around the world showcase lagoon. Everything was beautiful lit up at night!

There you have it our trip to Epcot in a nutshell!

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  1. Epcot is one of my favorites! Not so much when I was a kiddo but love it now! I love wandering from country to country and grabbing a different drink along the way :)

  2. How fun!! I love Disney World. PS- That cronut looks amazing!!

    Sara Kate Styling


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