Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Goals

Happy April loves! Did anyone get fooled by April fools jokes yesterday? I always forget it's April first so I had a few get past me. No joking here, promise. Today I am sharing my April goals and a quick recap of my March goals. 

I am pretty pleased with my progress on my goals for March. I just finished the Calligraphy class through Scarlet & Gold. Still need tons of practice to become fluent. I truly find spending a bit of time each evening practicing relaxing. This is something I hope to keep up through April. My second goal was to complete the 21 Day Fix. This did not happen. I did start watching what I eat and loosely followed the meal plan. I did not get in as many workouts as I had wanted. I am going to continue this goal into April. My other goals were to bake a new treat and share my meal plan for the week. I tried a few new recipes including white chocolate macadamia cookies which were amazing. I hope to share them with y'all soon. My last goal was to get a massage. I ended up getting a facial instead which was amazing! 

April Goals 

1. Improve my 5k time. My pace has hovered around a 10 minute mile since I stared running 5+ years ago. Over the past year I have been focused more on distance than pace. Once you increase distance (think marathon) your pace time dramatically increases. I really want to consistently be able to run a sub 30 minute 5k (9:40 pace). 

2. Run 3 x week. This goes right along with my first goal. I have been slack on my cardio lately. Since bikini season right around the corner I have got to get my booty in shape! I will be sharing my workout progress with y'all weekly. 

3. Pack breakfast and lunch for work. Pretty self explanatory. I often pack a salad and end up starving and raiding the vending machine. 

4. Only necessary purchases. I find myself grabbing new arrivals and unnecessary items more often than not. Especially when there is a sale. My challenge this month is to say no to sales and shop my closet. I will make one exception for Lilly at Target which I have a set budget to go by. 

5. Be active every day. My goal is to get 10,000 steps in every day. This could be a long walk, Pure Barre, a workout DVD or a run. I just got the Garmin VivoFit to track my steps so I will be using it to  motivate myself to get moving. 

What are your goals for April? I'd love to hear your favorite 5k training plan.

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  1. My goals are to stop letting myself be consumed by negative thoughts. Each time a crappy thought seeps in, I zap it with a positive one. It's been working. Cheers to new beginnings in April!

  2. I need to get more cardio and more budgeting into my routine too, haha!


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