Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Barre

Happy hump day loves! I’m back at work to finish out the work week. Thankfully there is only 10 more days until Thanksgiving break! There always seems to be some sort of countdown going on at work. I love having things to look forward to and reasons to celebrate so I will not be complaining.

For today’s post, I want to share two amazing barre workouts you can do at home. I love going to barre class. There is something about being in a class with others that really pushes you to go your hardest. However, if classes are not in your budget or if it is just too cold outside to brave heading to the gym before work these at home workouts can help. Just remember to embrace the shake! 

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  1. Barre is such an intense workout...I haven't taken a class in quite some time but I do enjoy it! Thanks for this handy workout! #wowlinkup

  2. Ooh! These look really good! I used to take a booty barre class that would give me the "shakes" and loved it! #wowlinkup

  3. Did you just say embrace the shake? OUCH!!!!! Can't wait for Thanksgiving either. #wowlinkup

  4. These are great, especially love the 2nd one! Barre isn't my fav but they are great for doing in your hotel room since they're quiet but intense :) #wowlinkup

  5. These look like fun. I love to try to add some basic barre moves to my HIIT workouts. #wowlinkup


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