Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Mornings= Coffee Please!

First off- Happy National Coffee Day! I am not sure who makes a holiday for everything, but I always jump at the chance to party so I am a fan. Celebrating this morning with a delicious cup of donut house hazelnut coffee. If anyone has any recommendations for a great flavor of K cup pods send them my way!

Since I am still holding on to the weekend this morning I thought I would take the chance to share my weekend with you! Joe and I had a great date night Friday night. We visited a local Italian restaurant called Serena and enjoyed dinner and drinks on the patio. I am still obsessed with Italian food and this restaurant did not disappoint. My favorite was the capanota which is an eggplant spread served with crostini. Which is unpictured because I devoured it too quickly!

Caprese Sandwich

After dinner we headed home with tiramisu to go and picked up Transcendence from a Redbox. I love getting dessert to go because I feel too full to enjoy it after a nice dinner but am always in the mood for dessert something sweet about an hour after dinner. Transcendence was not a big hit with us. It was filled with a list actors but the script was full of plot holes. I had not watched a Johnny Depp movie in a while so that was about the only plus.

Saturday morning I went on a 10 mile run with my training group. It ended up being the best long run for me  this training season. I am not sure if it was the cooler weather,  the Italian carb loading or my fuel choice but I felt great!  Finger crossed I feel this way next Saturday when I run 12 miles.

 After the run, I quickly got ready to head to Fayetteville. Joe and I drove up and spend the day with his family. They hosted a huge cookout and thankfully the cooler weather made for a great day.
Sunday morning we took Charlie and took a long walk on the Tobacco Trail. I loved the Tobacco Trail on weekends it is motivating to see lots of families, individuals and even pets getting out and enjoying the outdoors. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed NFL football. After the Panthers loss, I snuck away to catch up on TV shows I missed last week.  I’m not quite sure about How to Get Away With Murder yet based on the pilot. Murder thrillers just really aren’t my thing. I loved the new episode of The Mindy Project and The Big Bang Theory. I love Kaley Cuoco’s new hair and wish I could pull off a short hairstyle.

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Happy Monday Y'all! 

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  1. Oh yessss on the coffee!!! I love the short hair too!!! I am getting close to being able to chop mine to donate in honor of my mom!

  2. WOOHOO COFFEE!!!!!!

    Congrats on the long run and I love KC hair too!

  3. Girl that caprese sandwich has my tummy rumbling for lunch!!!! xx

  4. So glad your long run was so great! I can't wait to get to 10 miles! Love reading your blog because I miss living in North Carolina! Love hearing about your time on trails! We don't really have that here and I miss taking my sweet pup on trails around Fayetteville!

  5. Congrats on your 10 miles! I did 11 last week, but it was on the treadmill (cold and rainy), so I'm hoping for good weather for my 12 miles this week.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed your run Saturday! That's always nice, and makes those miles just fly by, right? Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I enjoyed How to Get Away With Murder and I'm looking forward to finding out where the story will go from here; The Mindy Project is ALWAYS a must, and I love The Big Bang Theory, too! I cut my hair short a couple of months ago and I LOVE it! So easy and fun. Take care, have a great week and thanks for linking up again!

  7. Loving Kaley's new long bob style too. Also, The Mindy Project is just getting better and better! Love it.


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