Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Running Update

I can’t believe that it’s October! This year has really flown by so quickly. This year I feel like it has gone by quicker than most. (Feeling really old with that thought right about now!) I am still working (slowly) toward my goal of reaching my "happy weight". Weight loss for me has always been two steps forward 10 steps back. So I trying new strategies to break the cycle. For now, I am going to just be sharing my weekly meal plans and workouts. I'll update you on the weight loss if anything changes.
On the workout front, I’m currently logging around 30 miles a week for my half-marathon training. This is a lot of miles based on most half plans but I'm working on speed and endurance so I'm pushing myself a bit.  Also, coming off of marathon training 30 miles a week seems like a break. I really try and get my workout completed in the morning. I like to get it out of the way first thing during the day. Honestly, if I wait until after work it is just not happening.
Here’s the breakdown: Monday I run around 4 miles. I like to refer to it as a shakeout run from my long run Saturday.  Tuesday is speed or hill work with my training group which is typically 3-4 miles. Wednesday is a steady pace 5 mile run.  On Thursdays I log 4 quick miles. Friday is a cross training on the elliptical or a long walk. Then Saturdays is my long run which is now up to 12 miles. Sunday is an active rest day and I try and get out and walk a few miles to stretch out my legs.

Monday- 4 Miles
Tuesday- 3-4 Miles Speed work
Wednesday- 5 Easy Miles
Thursday- 4 Miles
Friday-  30- 45 minutes Cross Training
Saturday- 10- 12 Mile Long Run
Sunday- Rest Day
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  1. I can't even imagine running 30 miles a week! But I'll probably be averaging 25 or so before my half in December so... guess I better start imagining being able to run that much!

  2. oh yay!!! those are some great miles logged! You're doing wonderful.

  3. I'm with you on the weight struggles! I know you can reach your happy weight! You seem very determined and I get the impression that if you set your mind to something you accomplish it!


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