Thursday, September 11, 2014

Running & Nutrition

It’s hard to believe that I have been running for almost five years now. My first half-marathon was November 2009 when I ran the Battleship Half Marathon. You can read all about my running story here. I ran all my long runs by myself in the early mornings through downtown Greenville. I ran many miles around ECU’s campus enjoying the quiet and laughing at the wreckage of the parties the night before. Over these last five years, I have learned a routine and what works for me when I run. I always try and mix it up but end up going back to my tried and true favorites.  

Before any long run, I enjoy a snack of a banana and a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter. On really long runs (13+ miles), I add a slice of bread and make a PB & banana sandwich.

My drink of choice to sip while running is water mixed with Nuun Energy.  It helps keep electrolytes in balance and keeps my energy up during my run.  It also has a boost of Caffeine which helps when you hit a wall.  

Getting extra nutrition while completing long runs is very important to ensure your body can preform it's best. When I run more than 60 minutes, I make sure I take in extra fuel. It's different for everyone so make sure to find what works for you. The important thing is to eat before you get hungry.  My favorite brand of race fuel is Cliff.  Cliff Shot is my go to fuel for long runs. The flavors actually taste like their names and their products and they are 95% organic. When it is really hot outside, I eat Cliff shot bloks in Margarita flavor.They have salt to help equalize your electrolytes from sweating so much and prevent cramping.

After a run, I enjoy a protein smoothie or Hammer’s recovery drink Recoverite. This drink has a ton of carbs in it to help your body refuel after training.  I have found drinking this after long runs helps minimize post-exercise muscle soreness.   It is also made with natural ingredients. 

I hope these tips help keep you at your best on your next long run or any endurance activity! 

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  1. Wow this post answers almost all the issues I was having when I was running long distances. You might have just convinced me to run another half. I said never again after dealing with extreme muscle soreness for days after running anything over 10 miles. :( Thanks so much for sharing!


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