Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food & Fitness: August 25- 31

These past four weeks have been interesting to say the least. The 21 day detox was a huge challenge to keep recipes interesting while eating clean. Most dinners I made were just for myself as Joe does not eat fish. What I tried to do was to choose meals that could be easily altered to suit both of our preferences. For example, many meals included sauteed vegetables or potatoes which I could add chicken or fish to. This took a bit of planning and a little bit extra time in the kitchen each night.
Going forward I hope to incorporate a lot of things I learned about how my body reacts to different foods and several healthy eating habits from the cleanse. I am planning to do a post on my reflections and all this soon.
Here my meal plan for the week. Since it is the end of the month it's time to work with what we have and do some cleaning out of the freezer!

Monday:  Grilled Burgers and Fish w. Corn on the Cob
This has been our go to recipe this summer. I love grilled corn and could eat it everyday.

Tuesday: Chicken Broccoli Lemon Stir-fry

Wednesday: Lemon Crockpot Chicken

Thursday: Baked Ziti w. Summer Vegetables

Friday: Dinner Out

Are y'all getting tired of hearing about Insanity yet? Well, I sure hope not because I am going strong and still have four weeks to go. This week marks the second part of the series which features more intense longer workouts. Now the workouts are 45-60 minutes on average. I am hoping to continue to workout in the mornings before heading to work. I am unsure how it will work in practice with my commute and school schedule. 
Sunday:  Max Interval Circuit
Monday: Max Interval Plyo
Tuesday: Max Cardio Conditioning 
Wednesday: Max Recovery
Thursday: Max Interval Circuit
Friday: Max Interval Plyo
Saturday: Rest 

When do you enjoy working out? Are you a morning or afternoon person?



  1. I try to do my workouts in the mornings because fitting it in after work is just too hard...however, 5:15 comes way too quickly! Good luck with school!

  2. Great recipes and inspiring workouts! I'm excited to get back to my exercise regiment post baby.

  3. Isn't grilled corn the best? We just started doing that this summer :)



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