Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

Well hello Friday! I am oh so excited to see you again! This Friday I am linking up again to share five things that have been on my mind this week.  
Even though it is 90+ degrees outside and will continue to be for most of August I can't help but start planning my fall wardrobe. Here are the five things that I am already swooning over for fall. 

1. Leather Tote- I have been searching for the perfect camel colored leather tote since last fall. There are some amazing options at Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff and C Wonder. I just need to make up my mind.

2. Bright Jacket- I have an amazing black peacoat that I wear constantly when it gets cold. I would love to have a classic colorful option as well. 

3. Chambray Shirt- After multiple seasons of seeing this shirt stay a staple I thin it is time for me to invest in a chambray shirt. I cant believe I have waited so long to jump on this fashion staple. 

4. Printed Flats- Walking on concrete and tile floors at work I am so rough on flats. I have a basic pair of nude and black flats. However, I want to add some print into the mix too.

5. Jcrew Vest- This another item that I have been lusting after since last fall. The herringbone pattern was my favorite print from last year. Unfortunately, I tried to wait on a sale and by then it was sold out. This year I will be using my teacher discount and scooping this up early. 

Have you started a fall wish list? If so, what is on it?

Happy Friday y'all!!



  1. Hey! Love your blog! Found you through the link up today! I loved that herringbone vest from J. Crew too and I did the same thing, wait for the sale then its gone... I was so sad! Guess we both learned the hard way! haha :)

  2. LOVE all of these finds! I think my favorites are the vest and bag! You MUST get that vest!

  3. Great list. Go ahead and scoop up two of everything and ship those my way :-)

  4. I love that J.Crew vest! I can't wait to wear fall clothes!! Have a great weekend :)

  5. The same exact thing happened with me and the herringbone vest! AGH! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  6. I would certainly love all of these too!

  7. Love your blog! Such cute style.

  8. That red coat is TDF! I have a green pea coat that I love for fall/winter. I also adore the vest- maybe the crew will bring it back this year?!

  9. I love that vest! I also wanted it last year, but resisted. I think I'll get it this year!!


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