Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

What a week! This was the last week of my summer break and I took advantage of every minute with a wonderful mix of relaxation and adventure. Here is a little recap for my Five on Friday.

1. Monday I was finally able to mark one item off my summer bucket list. Thanks to my friend Sarah we spent a beautiful summer afternoon on a paddle board exploring up the intercoastal.

Stand-up Paddleboard Pros

2. On Tuesday, I had a long overdue hair appointment. I have been contemplating changing my hair for quite awhile and am so excited with the results. 
Back to my roots

 3. Wednesday I spent the afternoon with a good friend. We got our nails done and went out for sushi at Yosake. After dinner we went shopping and explored downtown. The weather was crisp and cool. So perfect for a night out. I had not had a girls night out in forever and am thankful that we took the time to catch up!

4. I have been spending the week soaking up lots of time with my second favorite man Charlie. He has grown so much these past few months and it has been amazing to see his personality unfold.

Charlie helping me with stretching

5. I spent today exploring the local consignment shops with my mom. We did not luck out on any good deals. However, it was still fun to spend the day looking at old antiques and searching for hidden gems.

What has been the highlight of your Friday?



  1. i'm always wanting to try going to thrift stores/consignment shops but i never go!

  2. It's always so fun to just look around the thrift stores. A lot of the time, I don't find any gems either but the odd time I do find something worthwhile. :)

  3. I love paddleboarding, such a great workout and nothing better than doing it with a view, I bet it was so pretty on the waterway! And your new hair is super cute :)

  4. Charlie is adorable! What kind of dog is he??


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