Sunday, August 18, 2013

Food & Fitness: August 18- 24

Last week of the 21 day detox challenge. Thank the Lord!! (You can read more about the challenge and reason I decided to do it here.) Avoiding sugar has been the hardest for me this week. I may have begged hubby to get ice cream tonight in a moment of weakness but he kindly refused.  What I would have done for a waffle cone of Ben and Jerry's tonight. Overall, I am loving how I feel and will incorporate parts of this cleanse into my regular diet. This will not be a 100% thing for me though. I feel limiting myself for long periods of time leads to feeling deprived and binge eating. This week I am headed back to work so week night dinners are going to be simple and easy while I get back into the swing of things. Here are two recipes I look forward to trying.

This weeks marks my fifth week of Insanity. The training this week calls for a rest week focusing on core strength and stretching. I completed the first workout today and it was a nice break from the hard core sweat sessions I had been completing for the past 4 weeks. My goal is to drop extra fat as well as build strength. So I am going to supplement this weeks training with running intervals and light weight training. 

Sunday:  Core Cardio & Balance w. Interval Training
Monday: Core Cardio & Balance w. Light Weights
Tuesday: Core Cardio & Balance 
Wednesday: Core Cardio & Balance w. Interval Training
Thursday: Core Cardio & Balance w. Light Weights
Friday: Core Cardio & Balance
Saturday: Rest 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Can't believe Monday is almost here.


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  1. Oh, back to school, back to school. Let me know how that paella turns out, it looks great!


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