Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

This week marks the first work week for the school year. I will be glad to check it off in the books come this afternoon! Here is a little recap of my favorite things this week for my Five on Friday.

1. Our little boy is a graduate! This Monday Charlie graduated from puppy training class. We took the 6 week class at Petsmart which was such a great choice. Thanks to the class he has grown to be very behaved. He also learned several tricks which are adorable! 

 2. In celebration of the first week of school, I placed my first Stichfix order. I was rather skeptical about the concept at first due to the fact that I always trouble with sizing. After a complete strike out shopping this past weekend at all of my favorite stores this box was a welcome sight! I loved being able to try it on in my own home and the return shipping is included! Try Stitchfix yourself here!!

3. I stumbled upon these Homemade Cereal Bars on Pinterest. In high school and college I loved Nutrigrain bars. I actually thought I was being healthy while enjoying the gooey jelly like filling. Once I started to learn more about nutrition and reading the ingredients I realized they were filled with processed ingredients pretending to be fruit. since then I have been on the hunt for an easy homemade alternative if I am ever in the mood. These bars are spot on in the nutrition category and I can't wait to see what they taste like.  

4. Let me be honest I am way too excited about the new iPhone. I may have started searching information about the release date sometime last month. I have never been on the cutting edge of technology. I always seem to get on the bandwagon way too late in the game to be considered cool. I have had my iPhone 4 for over two years now. This phone has been a trooper. It has been dropped way too many times to count and recently took a swim in the ocean. Somehow it is still holding on and I am determined to make it last. Why? Because I am excited to see the 5s... rumor is that it will feature bio-metric sensors which will be a fingerprint scanner and might be champagne/gold colored.   How neat! Alright, I promise I am not a technology nerd.. really! 

5. I can't say it enough. I am glad it is Friday. The first week back after summer break is always rough. This year I was faced with added challenges of navigating new schools and new staff. After I make it through the ridiculous amount of meetings I have today I will be celebrating with a weekend in the sun. (Weather please cooperate!)

Any exciting plans to celebrate Friday today? 



  1. Always exciting to see a new iPhone release. The technology is so over my head it's not even funny. My daughter dropped my iPhone in a store and darn if it didn't ruin my speaker, no one could hear me talk. What a bummer!

  2. OMG the new iphone!? Mine is a 4 too and is holding strong - must have the gold/champagne color! ;)

    IG: megawat

  3. Your little Charlie is so cute! I love Nutrigrain bars too but I know they aren't as healthy as they make them seem. I'll have to check out the homemade kind, and they're chocolate pb? I'm sold!

  4. That sounds like the most awesome phone ever! How did you like the Stitchfix? I've been going back and forth over signing up for that and I'm still on the fence.

  5. A gold iPhone? SOLD!

    Did you end up buying anything out of your Stitchfix? I thought about getting a gift subscription for my mother-in-law.


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