Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weighing In Wednesday

Last night, I attended my first weekday training run with my run group. It was 90 degrees at 6pm with high humidity. We did an out and back run with negative split. We headed out at a 10:30 pace for 2 miles and then turned around and completed the return at a 10:00 pace. The heat made it feel like the run was a lot harder than it should have been.
Felt like I was running here.

 I absolutely hate running in the heat. Actually, I just hate being uncomfortable. I know that's why I have struggled with losing these last few pounds this year because sticking to a diet and missing out can be uncomfortable. Who honestly wants to miss out on drinks with the girls and birthday cupcakes? These slip-ups have a way of compounding and then losing all motivation. I had the realization this week that I have not gotten uncomfortable with my diet and allow for too many splurge days. Getting uncomfortable is the only way to make a big change!

This morning I am down one pound to 126lbs. I splurged a lot over the weekend enjoying a delicious dinner and several rounds of drinks. This week my goal is to stick to a clean diet and be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Talking about uncomfortable, I want to share a few weight loss that I have believed over the years. I hope these help you as well!

To lose weight, you have to have a low daily calorie limit and stick with it until you meet your goal weight.
FALSE.  There is a base calorie intake that your body needs to keep up with typical functioning. That number is different for everyone.  Typically, the larger the individual the individual and the more muscle the more calories needed to fuel their basal metabolic rate. The number of calories needed for weight loss varies due to many factors including current weight, height and activity level. Also, of you get you calories too low your body will start to go into survival mode because it is not getting enough nutrients and not shed a pound.  The best way to figure out a guestimate of what your body needs is to check out a calorie calculator.

Skipping breakfast is a smart way to cut calories especially after an indulgent dinner. 
FALSE. This is one I still struggle with because I am typically not hungry in the morning.  However, research has shown that people who ate breakfast every day were less likely to become obese or develop type 2 diabetes than those who didn't. So don’t take my word trust the research. Also, I find if I make a smart choice for breakfast I am more likely to make good choices the rest of the day.

Eating small meals throughout the day is best  for weight loss. 
DEPENDS.  This is one diet tip that does not work for me personally. Eating six meals a day can work for someone who has a lot of discipline when it comes to food. However, that is just not me right now. I stick to three meals and two snacks as needed. There's little evidence to support the idea that eating smaller, more-frequent meals will improve weight loss results.

What are some weight loss myths you have de-bunked?
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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. this is very helpful. i've been trying SO hard to have breakfast... i too struggle eating in the morning!!!

    running in the heat i dont mind so much but it's the humidity that does me in.

  3. Yes! All of those things you don't want to miss out on just add up and then you are back to square one (like me currently).

    I never used to be a breakfast eater, but I am now.


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