Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

{One} Drinking Lately. Angry Orchard Elderflower. I love St. Germain liquor so when I saw this new seasonal Angry Orchard brew I had to give it a try.  The cider combines hints of elderflower with lychee,  pears, and citrus flavors. If your a cider fan. Pick a 6 pack up to try and share with friends!

{Two} Snacking On.  Sheetz Grilled Chicken Salad. I am constantly on the go for work and have to occasionally pick up lunch while on the road. I received a free coupon to try Sheetz Meals to Go from my schools and was pleasantly surprised with the quality! Especially for gas station food. ;)

{Three} Wishlist Worthy.  With an upcoming trip my wishlist is a mile long! The hardest thing for me to narrow down is my shoes. I want something comfortable but I also want to wear them after the trip. I'm leaning toward a pair of sperry top-sider.

{Four} Currently Reading.  Any and every tour book I can get my hands on. I am in disbelief that in less than two weeks we will be boarding a flight to Rome! Any tips from past travels would be much appreciated!

{Five}Around the Corner. Soooo, yeah..... I will be joining my middle school students with a lovely day of Saturday school. Thankfully it is only a half day of school and I should be pool side weather permitting by 2pm!  

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  1. I hope that you aren't at school too long on Saturday & can get some good pool time in this weekend! You'll need lots of time at the pool to dig through your travel books :)

  2. Where are you going again? I have some tips in mind, but not sure where your stops are?

  3. Yay for your Rome trip being so soon, post plenty of pics so I can live vicariously through your trip please! And the thought of Angry Orchard anything is making my mouth water, 5.5 months to go!

  4. I miss Sheetz so much! MTO always hits the spot.

  5. ewww hate you have to work tomorrow!! Love hard ciders!!

  6. I tried the Elderflower blend & I wasn't a fan :( My husband on the other hand said "tastes like punch!" and then drank the rest of them this week! Have a great weekend!


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