Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

{One} Drinking Lately. Sassy Water! I discovered this recipe in SASS Yourself Slim.  It's super simple and all it takes is combining cucumber, lemon, mint and ginger in a pitcher of water. It is extremely refreshing!  A bonus is that the water helps detox and improve digestion.

{Two} Snacking On.  Perfectly Simple Bars. These bars only have a few ingredients and contain 10 grams of protein. My favorite is the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. It tastes like dessert. The perfect afternoon pick me up.

{Three} Wishlist Worthy.  Lilly Pulitzer Palazzo Wide Leg Pant. I'm very wary of printed pants but truly want to give it a try. I think Lilly would be a great way to jump into the trend.

{Four} Currently Reading.  Nothing much apart from work this week unless protocols and reports count. I have been reading a lot of Essentials manuals and Response to Intervention books. Nerdy but I love it! Work has been ridiculous coming back from Spring break and I have been swamped with meetings and evaluations. Only 23 more school days left!

{Five}Around the Corner. Yet another busy weekend in the books. This makes my busy bee heart so excited! Friday we have dinner and a movie planned with Joe's college roommates. Saturday I am getting a much needed haircut and hopefully going hiking if the weather cooperates. Then Sunday we will be celebrating Mother's day with Joe's family.


  1. That sassy water sounds delicious! I have some ginger in a tube that would make that suuuuper easy.

  2. I love cucumber water and the sassy water sounds even better...need to try it out soon. Have a great weekend!

  3. I am obsessed with those LIlly pants! NEED them!

  4. I love mixing fruit and cucumber in my water, I need to try that mix - sounds wonderful!

  5. love those pants so super cute
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