Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Caribbean Cruise: Key West

The first stop on our cruise was Key West. I have been to Key West several times before on vacations to Florida. I love the vibrant Caribbean inspired homes that make you question if your in the United States instead of the Bahamas. Key Lime Pie is also one of my favorite desserts and no one makes it like Key West! The stop at Key West was a major factor in us booking this cruise.

We started the day exploring Mallory Square which was right nearby the port.

Then mom and I hopped on a trolley tour of the city. I have done trolley tours of Charleston and Savannah as well. I think it is one of the best ways to learn the history of the town while exploring the sites.

Old Town Trolley

Key West Lighthouse

We hopped off at the southernmost point. This is one of the most photographed thing in Key West. So much so that there was a short line to snap a picture with it.

 After some photos, we decided to walk and explore the area. We ended up at a popular restaurant called Blue Heaven. Since it was Easter Sunday the place was packed. We skipped the two hour wait and snagged a mini Key Lime Pie for the road. It was the perfect little size for a morning snack! 

We hopped back on the trolley and enjoyed learning more about the city. We jumped off again to grab some more Key Lime treats at Kermit's Key Lime Pie. They sell dark chocolate covered Key Lime Pie on a stick. This little dessert has my vote for being the best Key Lime Pie I've ever had. The combination of tartness and super sweet is divine.

Following my second treat of the day, we got back on the trolley one last time and completed our tour of the city. What is great about this tour is that you can get off at a stop and board again as many times as you would like. Also, if your staying on the island the second day tour is free! I took the complete tour twice getting off at interesting stops along the way. I learned new facts and stories with each guide and was never bored! But really, how could you get bored of this scenery?
Truman's Little White House

Have you ever been to Key West? What is your favorite spot? Mine is Fort Jefferson which was a built after the war of 1812 and used in the Civil War. (It was a Union Fort!)

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  1. I've been to Key West, just for a few hours, as part of a cruise as well. I had the chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick too and I still dream about it! :)


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