Monday, May 12, 2014

Caribbean Cruise: Cozumel

The second stop on our cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is located on an island off the coast of Mexico. Some fun facts I learned while I was there is that the main source of income on the island is tourism. They bring in all their food from the mainland. It takes an hour boat ride to get to the mainland.

We chose to do a sightseeing tour around the island and that included the Myan ruins at San Gervasio.  We set up the tour through the cruise ship which eliminates the guesswork of planning the trip on your own in a foreign country. Our tour guide, Alex was outstanding. He spoke three languages English, Spanish and Myan. He gave our tour in both Spanish and English and transitioned fluently from one language from another.

The ruins include remnants of several houses and a temple. They have also discovered parts of a road they build through the city. Many of the buildings and steps we could walk on a explore. On the tour, we learned all about Myan culture as well as the Myan calendar.

After our tour, we grabbed some beverages for the road. We split a Coke Light and a Coco- Loco. The Coco- Loco was made with fresh coconut water and copious amounts of different alcohol. Hence the name Coco-Loco! The coconut water made the drink refreshing so much so that you could hardly taste the alcohol.  After we finished the Coco-Loco, they cut up the coconut and were able to enjoy fresh coconut!

  Our tour also took us around the island where we got to explore Cozumel’s beautiful beaches.

 After our tour, we took a taxi to downtown Cozumel and visited the shops. It was neat to explore the local merchandise. I have wanted to start collecting something from every country I visit. I have a hard time buying souvenirs because I truly hate trinkets and knickknacks.  So, to start my collection I picked up a hand painted clay nativity. Very excited to expand this little collection throughout the years!

Cozumel has such beautiful beaches and friendly people. It was exciting to learn about the Myan culture and history from locals. 



  1. We went to Cozumel with a bunch of folks from my senior class and had an amazing time.... I think haha, it was quite a blur. Looks like y'all had a ball!

  2. We're going in September!!! I can't wait!!!!


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