Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend has been filled to the brim! Here is a snapshot of our past Friday- Sunday events.

Friday night the hubby and I had a much needed date night in. I fixed honey mustard salmon with cheddar biscuits and snap peas. After dinner we settled in for a movie night, wife's choice! We always lean toward action or thriller movies and it had been a while since we caught a good chick flick. We watched One Day with Anne Hathway. I had listened to the book on tape a few years ago when I would go for a run. I had always wanted to see the movie but never made it to the theater. Unfortunately, the movie version fell way short of the book. I always feel this way about movie translations of books. I typically skip out of movies based on my favorite books due to the disappointment I experience when it hits theaters. Does this happen to anyone else?

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to help out with community service project for my provisional class at Junior League. We are working with a local community based middle school to help beautify the grounds and provide support for the staff. I helped out making four square courts for the students to play on and re-painting the benches outside to match the school colors.

After we spend the morning taping,  painting and sweeping I headed to the gym for a quick Pure Barre class. It is almost the end of my monthly trial membership at Pure Barre and I am loving the results! That afternoon I headed to church for a gender reveal party for one of the couples in our life group.

The party was filled with amazing DIY projects and crafts. My favorite was the chandelier that was used as a centerpiece and serving tray. Very excited for our friends, they are expecting another beautiful baby girl!

After I got back home, Joe and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a walk round the neighborhood. In the process, we rescued a baby turtle from the road!

On Sunday, we headed to church and then visited my grandmother in the hospital. She gave us quite the scare this weekend due to some major medical issues. However, when we stopped by Sunday afternoon she was in wonderful spirits and had improved so much!

We spent the rest of Sunday enjoying lunch outside in the wonderful weather, checking out puppy adoptions (we have got the itch bad!) and catching up on Mad Men and Game of Thrones. I was able to get in a good afternoon run too! I am planning on running a 10k next weekend and desperately need to get good mileage in before then!

Even though there was a few hiccups- we had a great weekend enjoying the weather and the company of friends and family!

How was your weekend?

Best Wishes,


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