Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meal Planning

Excited to start start off another week with great recipes! We ended up switching up which days we had each meal last week. However, we were able to enjoy each recipe! Thursday night we are getting our first produce box delivery from our local farmers market so things may change a little Thursday night. 

Monday: Omelettes with Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Friday: Date Night 

I am so excited for our date night Friday. Joe and I try and have a nice date night once or twice a month to focus on us. I am thinking local seafood and a nice glass of wine on the waterway at Dockside or Bluewater.

Now that dinner is all planner for the week, I am off to enjoy some late night TV! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday night!!

Best Wishes,



  1. How did the whole wheat pita pizzas turn out? I have thought about trying this, but not sure how they'll be for crusts.

  2. They turned out great. I recommend toasting the pitas for a few minutes before adding the toppings so the crust will be extra crispy.


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