Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday

Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel about today. I am so thankful that it is the end of the work week and the weekend is less then 24 hours away! 

A few things I am thankful for this week

1. Perfect weather for early morning runs complete with sunrises over the intercoastal waterway.  
2. Beautiful spring flowers all over Wilmington. 
3. Date nights with my wonderful Husband. 
4. Afternoon walks while catching up with friends.
5. Peach Lambic it's the one of the only beers I can tolerate. We found it at a new local beer and wine shop. I look forward to many summer nights hanging out, grilling, playing cornhole and enjoying a few of these. 
Bonus Point. This quote has come to mean so much to be over the past few weeks. Reminds me to be patient. 

Happy Friday Y'all! Best Wishes,


  1. I just saw that you live in Wilmington. We have family there and it is one of our FAVORITE places to visit.

  2. I love that quote!! Words to live by.


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