Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's in my bag?

One of Caroline's favorite activities right now is pulling out every item from the diaper bag and strewing it all around the living room. A favorite is opening and pulling out all the baby wipes. For some reason it is so much fun!  This has forced me to repack and streamline the needed items several times over the past week. Today I'm sharing what I keep in it every day and what I can do without.

This is my current diaper bag. It has been perfect for carrying every baby necessity for the past year. It cleans easily and has held up well over the past year. There are so many extra pockets for storing and keeping organized bottles, bibs and spare clothes. We also have a simple backpack style that I find us using more on the weekends and for park playdates. I am considering upgrading to a backpack style like this one for the summer when I'll be chasing around a running toddler.

I like to keep it simple so everything is easy to find. I always make sure to have a snack and water on hand. Keeping hydrated is hard to remember some days so I keep a spare sparkling water in my bag at all times.

Gone are the days of carrying a purse all for myself. Instead I use this simple clutch to hold my phone, sunglasses and cards. It is perfect for running in the store for a minute when you don't need the whole diaper bag.

A rotation of toys is key right now she is loving these simple keys. I also keep a few books on hand to help entertain her in the car. We are going through a major teething spell right now so I always keep a clean teether in my bag. Extra paci are a must. I always pack a spare incase she throws one out of her carseat.

If we are eating on the go these disposable placemats are great for containing messes. Caroline loves these organic pouches from Aldi. She will down 2 in one sitting. Her favorite way to drink water is out of this sippy cup. I also will grab puffs or goldfish if we are going to be out for longer. Hand wipes are great for cleaning messes or toys when they get thrown to the ground.

Not pictured are my favorite diapers, wipes and the best rash cream. The diaper bag came with a simple changing pad which we wash weekly.

Alright, that's it! Any go to items that I am missing?


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  1. I love seeing what other moms carry in their bags! I also carry a La Croix in case of dehydration emergency! Haha! And an extra set of clothes for Madeline. Thank the Lord we are past the constant spitting up and blow out phase but you just never know! I'm almost to where I'd be comfortable leaving them in the car instead of the bag but not quite yet! Also, I just found those disposable placemats and they are awesome!

    Elizabeth | The Lovely Latte

  2. I love seeing what is inside mommy bags. I have not had to have a diaper bag in so long and heres to having another one with so much stuff in it for too..


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