Monday, March 20, 2017

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Currently hanging out Sunday afternoon while Caroline takes her third nap of the day. Yes, third nap. Being one year old is super tough sometimes and naps have really suffered lately. So after two 45 minute naps this morning she finally tuckered out and fell asleep. We have all been battling congestion and coughs at our house which doesn't help either. Cold + Teething = One miserable baby.  So our weekend so far has been lots of cuddles, snacks and reading books.

I was able to sneak away early this morning for grocery shopping and errands. On the menu this week  includes two of my favorite flavorful yet simple meals. This one pan Italian skillet meal and a delicious pot roast. I purchased 2x the ingredients so I can freeze one meal for later.

One simple grocery hack is ordering groceries online at Walmart. No lie, while I used to turn my nose up at Walmart produce. The quality has gotten 100% better. There is no fee to order online- the total just has to meet the $30 minimum. They have the cheapest baby food pouches I have found. Under $1 for a variety of organic blends. It also gives you a chance to shop the entire store. You bet I ordered an extra humidifier and cold medicine this week and it all was delivered straight to my car. Check here to see if it's available in your area.

I am dying over new spring fashion. I just snagged some adorable tops on sale at Loft and Old Navy. Next on my list are a new pair of sandals. Also, I am loving this T3 curling iron. It is currently on sale as well! What are you loving for spring?

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  1. Hope you all get to feeling better. Madeline has been really congested too so our naps haven't been the best. I keep hearing that Wal-Mart offers the online shopping. We don't have one close to us but I do order our groceries online from our closest grocery store and it is amazing.

  2. LOVE that mint ruffle top! Love simple and easy meals-and smart to buy double and freeze for later!

  3. So jealous that your walmart does that! That's amazing!!

  4. Have been wanting to try that for a while! Wonder if the neighborhood Walmart stores do pick up....those are my favorite!


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