Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Five

Friday snuck upon me this week. I have been battling an awful sinus infection/ cold/ sore throat since Sunday. Trying to take care of a child while making sure they don't get sick as well is almost impossible. We have double humidifiers running in both bedrooms right now and enjoying lots and lots of soup. I am finally starting to feel like a resemblance of myself today just in time for a girl's night out! Keeping today's Friday five short and sweet. Enjoy!

Best Mascara. I am always on the lookout for the new and best thing when it comes to mascara. After doing some internet research I found this mascara. It got great reviews across multiple beauty websites and was cheap as well! I have been using it for several weeks now and love it. It really keeps your lashes curled up all day long!

Big Little Lies. I am so excited to start watching this show. Still waiting to re-read the book though before I dive in. Anyone who has watched it,  what did you think?

Cold Brew Coffee. My go to morning drink right now is this delicious coffee my Calfia Farms. No wired ingredients just coffee, almond milk and sugar. The best part is that you can find it at almost any grocery store. I can even get it at Walmart!

Podcast Recommendations. I would love to hear, what are your favorite podcasts? I love listening to  books or podcasts during my commute or when I'm out walking with Caroline. I have heard great things about Finding Richard Simmons and I still need to catch up on the latest Serial feature. 

Web Favorites.

This workout is perfect for the nap time hustle.

An article I read recently on body acceptance that is just so true.

Honest and raw post by one of my fav celebs about the realness of postpartum depression. It is a scary place and no one should be ashamed to get help. The newborn stage is hard.

Another great line of natural beauty products.  I just love the packaging and it was made by makeup artists!

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  1. I am loving Big Little Lies. It is very true to the book. Definitely give it a re-read before diving in. Going to try that cold brew coffee. I want to to do an iced coffee bar and a mimosa bar for a shower I am throwing up but haven't found the right iced coffee yet!

  2. I really need to jump on the Serial bandwagon. I feel like the only person who has not! Glad you are feeling better, and enjoy your girls night out!

  3. Oh, and I see you also work in Raleigh! I am a teacher in Apex :)

  4. Totally obsessed with Big Little Lies!!! And that mascara... I need some new mascara!

  5. Everyone keeps talking about Big Little Lies! I have the book but still haven't read it. I think I need to make it the next book I read.

  6. Yes, start watching the show!!!! I just posted about it today too, haha!

  7. I need to try the Almond Milk coffee. I am going diary free and this would be perfect


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