Monday, December 8, 2014

Easy Christmas Decor

Honestly, when it comes to decorations I am a minimalist. Partially due t our apartment has little space and partially because I hate clutter. I prefer bigger statement pieces to make a big impact over trinkets. This preference rolls into my taste for holiday decor. Printables are an easy way to make a impact while taking up a small amount of room. I would love to decorate my chalkboard with beautiful artwork but don't quite have the talent. I will keep practicing and until then enjoy these lovely printables. 

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  1. I tried to do a cute saying on my chalkboard last year but it didn't work!! I think I'm going to try it again this year with some of the cute sayings you have!!

  2. Oh I just love printables- I always put them up at home and in my office! I'm also slightly ob-sessed with chalkboard art! Take pics of what you do! xo

  3. These are all so sweet! I love having little Christmas sayings all around the house!

  4. I absolutely love I love all of these. I wish I had calligraphy skills as well but they're always these amazing printables :)


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