Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Listening and Resting

Today my leg/ankle is still not feeling 100%. The pain has improved drastically from yesterday. I think the combination of rest and pain killers really helped minimize my discomfort today. It is still a no-go on cardio exercise since I can’t put much weight on my leg. I am taking it day by day because I want to heal fully in hopes of a full recovery by November. I have already registered and paid for the City of Oaks half-marathon in November that I was really looking forward too!

Being sidelined with an injury is no fun. Unfortunately, it happens to me often due to a weak ankle that I sprained years ago. My exercise focus right now is recovery and strength training. I love running and getting a good cardio workout so having to rest and elevate makes me a bit irritable.

 One thing I know I can control is my diet. Hoping to take this rest time to focus on my relationship with food and fueling by body with nutritious foods. Looking back at my YEARS of dieting I have learned that I tend to eat my emotions. Happy, sad, stressed or even bored have some emotional tie in with food. My relationship with food is something that I have been striving to work on these past few months. I don't want it to rule over me and fill me with regret and sadness. I want to be comfortable with enjoying what my body craves not what I feel like I have to eat.  Exercise has been my saving grace for not gaining 50+ pounds due to my emotional eating. With exercise taken away, it is the perfect time to focus on nutrition and not make it a diet but a lifestyle change.

I love that this little blog is a space of my own and can change as my goals refocus. Look forward to more healthy recipes and nutrition tips coming your way as I learn along my journey.

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  1. oh man injuries are the worst! I love that you are taking such a positive focus on your diet instead of letting it sidetrack you completely from your goals! I can't wait to see your new posts on food and what you are doing instead of eating you emotions (mostly for pointers because I eat my emotions.. ugh). I have drastically improved my binge eating but still tend to mindlessly eat if I'm stressed or anxious. Thanks for sharing your struggles!!


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