Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Catch up

This past weekend, Joe and I headed to Topsail Beach with friends. We were lucky to be able to unpack from Europe and head down to Topsail on Friday. It was a great way to unwind and relax after our trip. We are both still trying to recover from jet lag and are taking advantage of waking up early each morning by getting lots of laundry done!

We were able to catch a few rays of sun Friday afternoon and Saturday morning between passing storms. Unfortunately, we got caught in the rain several times over the weekends. Nothing too bad though! The passing clouds made for beautiful views over the ocean.

The clouds cleared up a bit for us to head to dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants  Daddy Mac's 

After dinner, we walked on the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful views as the storm clouds rolled by.

After dinner, we headed back to the cottage for an intense game of Spoons. I forget how much I love that game! We also were able to catch a few pre Fourth of July fireworks. 

This weekend is just what Joe and I both needed to re-charge after our Europe adventure. Excitingly, I am actually extending my stay at the beach. My parents have a beach house at Topsail this week for the 4th and I am going to be soaking up every minute of summer break I can! 

Stay tuned this week as I start to slowly re-cap our Europe adventures! Hope you all have an amazing Monday! 


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  1. Y'all look great- I wouldn't have even known you were jet-lagged! Super jealous of all your adventures!


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