Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

{One}  Bookmarking. I stumbled on this article on tips for warm weather running. I have suffered through my share of warm weather runs in NC. I try to get in a run early before the sun comes up to help beat the heat of the day. One tip I had never thought of was pre-cooling before heading out on a run. I am going to try that this summer when I'm at the beach!

{Two} Munching On. Protein Pancakes.   There is less than a week until I am poolside a bikini!  My diet has undergone a major overhaul this week and I have been focusing on only eating lean, clean and green.  Check out my favorite protein pancake recipes here!

{Three} Wishlist Worthy.  JCrew Ikat Shift Dress. I love the color and the shape of this dress. Perfect for warm summer evenings!

{Four} Currently Reading. Still catching up on anything and everything Itay and Greece related. Twenty Something Travel has great tips for traveling abroad. I also have picked up a few books for the flight and enjoying some time by the pool.

{Five}Around the Corner. School's out for summer (soon)! I completed my last evaluation and wrote my last report this week. I wrap up a few final meetings Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is my last day of work and our end of year luncheon. This weekend I hope to do a little pre-celebrating laying out by the pool. Oh, I am beyond excited!    

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  1. Thanks for sharing the running in hot weather article! I thought I was going to pass out running in the hot, humid weather at the beach last Saturday morning so those tips will definitely be useful!

  2. Running in this NC heat is the pits. I've been hitting the pavement the second I wake up to get it over with before it's completely miserable. And how lucky are you to be going to Italy + Greece! Two of my all-time favorite places! If you need recommendations on restaurants, etc. let me know I'm happy to send you a list. Have a great weekend! : )

  3. I love the Happiness Project...I started reading it last year and it was so refreshing but unfortunately life got in the way and I never finished :( Here's to hoping you get through the entire thing! And so exciting about your upcoming trip!!!!

  4. I love protein pancakes! I used to eat one for breakfast pretty regularly but I haven't lately. I need to start back up!

  5. I'm a teacher too and I seriously think we are even more excited for the end of the year than the kids!!

  6. I live off of some protein pancakes girl, they are my favorite! Also, let me know how "The Happiness Project" is - I have heard the best things. Enjoy your vacation!


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