Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Perfect Balance

      Life right now is the perfect balance between hectic and quiet. I love being able to catch a matinĂ©e with friends and enjoy a nice restaurant dinner on the patio then get home in time to take Charlie on a long walk and catch up on some of our favorite shows. My husband and I are quite opposites about enjoying down time. So a balance of goings-on is a perfect combination. I know life will not always be like this so I am enjoying every second of it.
          I am very detail and list driven. Joe always jokes that I love to talk about lists. It’s partially true.  Many of them are fun lists however. After we get back from our cruise, I will be on summer break until August. I am hoping to make the most of my time off this summer. I created a few ideas of things I think it would be fun to do on the cheap!

Grill out by the pool. 
Hike Umstead State Park.
Ride the trolley pub with friends.
Enjoy a free concert at North Hills. 
Spend a weekday at the farmer’s market
Make homemade ice cream. 
Visit Sunni Skys. 
Try a new gym class. 
Take Charlie to the indoor dog gym.
Try three new restaurants in downtown Raleigh. 

What's on your summer list? Anything I should add? Also, still surviving the EOG's here. We are on day 3 of 5. Whew! I know that both students and teachers are going to be glas when everything is over!



  1. Sounds like the perfect summer list!
    Let me know if you want any recs on downtown restaurants!

    You should also add First Friday and the Food Truck Rodeo to your list!

  2. I know the feeling.. I am a list maker also. I make list for EVERYTHING. EOG's will be over soon.. Hang in there!

  3. My husband and I are the same way! I love lists, he loves being spontaneous. Although, after five years he's come to appreciate it. :)


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