Monday, February 20, 2017

Caroline | Twelve Months

Sweet, sweet Caroline you are officially 12 months old. I swear something clicked on your birthday and you decided to become an independent, curious, on the move toddler. You love reading and pointing at faces in books. Enjoy chasing Charlie around the house. Your favorite by far is eating and you love to feed yourself and stuff your little cheeks full of cheese!

Here are a few little things about you from your twelfth month:

Nicknames: Little Bit, Sweet Girl

Height & Weight: As of your one year doctor appointment, you weigh 19 1/2 pounds and are 28 inches long. 

Looks: Your blonde hair is getting full and curlier with every passing week. Those chipmunk cheeks and bright blue eyes are my favorite.

Personality: Getting more independent each day. You are becoming quite vocal about likes and dislikes. You will become upset and ask for help when something you want is a bit out of reach. You are truly a happy and joyful little girl every day.

Eating: We have a little toddler on our hands when it comes to eating. Finger foods are your favorite especially fruit and cheese. Yogurt and cheese are still your two favorite foods. We are working together to eliminate bottles completely. Right now you have one in the morning and one before bed. You still get so excited when you see your bottle and immediately grab for it at bedtime.

Sleeping:  You are consistently sleeping from 6pm- 5ish. Naps are a different story. We try 2 naps a day but you are consistently getting in a morning nap from 9- 11. The afternoon nap sometimes ends up being a playtime in your crib. 

Wearing:  Size 4 diapers. 9 - 12 month clothing depending on the brand. You have been wearing the same pair of gold moccs (size 2) for a year now. We still get tons of compliments on them daily!

Favorite Things: You love your family including the pups. You squeal anytime one of us enters the room. There are extra belly laughs for the pups and their crazy antics. 

Least Favorite Things: Not being able to get things you find interest in and then being reprimanded because they are dangerous. Quite a battle keeping you away from cords, stairs and outlet plugs. You will persist in trying to get things and then begin to grunt/pout when you can't get it.  

Big things happening this month: 
The biggest of all, celebrating your first birthday!!
You can pull to stand on almost anything and can cruise for a few steps.
You visited your great grandmother and helped her celebrate her 100th birthday!!

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  1. Absolutely precious!! Loving her little Lilly print outfit! xo

  2. She is beautiful and has so much hair! We're down to two bottles with Madeline, too, and I feel so bad taking them away because she loves them so much!


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