Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Caroline | Eight Months

Oh Sweet Caroline, each month is better than the last. When I think I can't love you more sometime my heart swells with love for you even more. 

Here are a few little things about you from your eighth month:

Nicknames: Little Bit

Height & Weight: You weigh just over 17 pounds and are 2 feet long. Gah just look at those chubby cheeks. 

Looks:  Your blonde hair gets a curl to it each evening before bed. Your hands and feet have grown so much and almost look oversized compared to your little body. 

Personality: You are still a very happy baby. Not as social since this month you have developed an awareness of strangers. It breaks my heart to see you so terrified and upset by a new person. However, I know it's a developmental phase and it means your right on track. We are hoping this phase passes soon. 

Eating: You love to eat! Your favorite food by far is yogurt and always eat all of yours and then try to eat mom's as well. 

Sleeping:  You are sleeping from 6pm- 6am each night with a dream feed around 11pm. When it comes to naps, you have dropped the late afternoon nap and now only nap at 9am and 1pm. 

Wearing:  Size 3 diapers. You have outgrown your 6 month clothing and sleepers. Some 9 month clothing is a bit too long but rolling the waistband helps. 

Favorite Things:  You are obsessed with straws and love grabbing them out of other's drinks.  Still love exploring new places and checking out the activity as long as your in mom's arms. You have been quite a mamma's gal and love being held and walked around to explore new places. 

Least Favorite Things: You fuss when laid on your back when getting your diaper changed or changing clothes. Nap times are often a struggle as you don't want to miss a thing. 

Big things happening this month: 
First Trip to the NC Zoo!
Visiting the State Farmer's Market and picking a pumpkin.
Enjoyed first green smoothie.
Had your first sleepover at the grandparent's new house!

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  1. She is precious! Such a happy girl like Madeline. The time is just flying. Happy 8 months, Caroline.

    The Lovely Latte


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