Monday, November 30, 2015

Pregnancy | Week 27

This little space of mine is slowly turning into a pregnancy blog. I'm okay with it and I hope y'all are too. I always thought of this as a space to express my passions and musings. Right now, it is all about baby!  I am looking forward to mixing it up a bit and sharing some favorite holiday recipes and holiday decor these next few weeks. 

Size of Baby: Baby M is the size of a bunch of bananas. She weighs over 2 pounds and is 15 inches long! Honestly, I can't believe that little one is that large when I look down at my belly.  

Gender: Baby girl. 

Weight Gain: Up to a total of 19 pounds. I am right on track to gain a little over 30 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes: My wardrobe selection is dedicated to maternity pants and mainly maternity tops. My leggings for Pure Barre still fit but have started rolling down over the bump during class. 

Nursery: Did a lot of shopping at Hobby Lobby over the weekend to get decor for her room. Also, we are set to have her nursery painted this week.

Movement: It is still strange to see her kick and roll from the outside. Her kicks and punches are becoming stronger each day. Some jabs really do hurt depending on her position.   

Symptoms: I had my first experience with car sickness headed to work. I have never gotten car sick before so that was a new feeling! I find that I get overheated easily and constantly want a fan nearby. The heartburn has gone down a little bit thanks to my daily chugs of milk. I am now winded when I walk up one flight of stairs. Getting off the sofa is not as easy as it used to be thanks to my growing belly. 

Sleep: Overall, I am still sleeping pretty great. I average getting up 1-2 times a night to use the bathroom. 

Cravings: The delicious Thanksgiving food kept my cravings subdued this week. Loving Peppermint Joe Joe's which are Trader Joe's version of Peppermint Oreos. They are a holiday treat every year. I don't feel as guilty indulging in a few extra this year.   

What I Miss: Being able to order drinks without thinking at a restaurant. I can never think of a non alcoholic mixed drink so I always order water

Exercise: I was able to get in 4 Pure Barre classes this week along with several long walks!! I have the holiday break to thank for getting in that extra class. Hoping to keep it up.  

Best Moments: Spending Thanksgiving with both our families. I loved spending time with my mom shopping for baby girl. 

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