Monday, November 2, 2015

Pregnancy | Week 22

Size of Baby: Baby M is the size of an ear of corn. She weighs right around a pound. 

Gender: Adorable baby girl.

Weight Gain: Holding strong at 12 pounds. It will all be worth it for a healthy little girl.  

Maternity Clothes: Only maternity pants these days as they are amazingly comfortable. I am still wearing a lot of non-maternity tops to help expand my wardrobe. 

Nursery: Crib has been assembled and we picked up the Hemes dresser from IKEA this weekend to use as a changing table. Now to assemble it! 

Movement: Lots of kicks every morning and when I am headed to bed. 

Symptoms: Stomach aches. No matter what I eat, I wake up with a horrible stomach ache every morning. Feeling extra tired these days as well. 

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty well these days. I really appreciated getting an extra hour of sleep this weekend.

Cravings: Still enjoying a banana for breakfast each morning. Nothing else really sits well in the mornings. 

What I Miss: Fall fashion. I would love to rock some little sweater dresses but that is just not happening anymore.

Exercise: I was able to get in 3 Pure Barre classes this week. A huge improvement over 1 the past week. 

Best Moments: Getting more furniture ready for little one's nursery. 

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  1. I bet getting the nursery together has got to be so exciting! You're looking great, girl!!

  2. You're looking great and I think only gaining 12 lbs at the point is awesome!

  3. You look great! You're more than half way and have only gained 12lbs. That's awesome!! Two questions: Are you following Ginger Zee's pregnancy blog and when did you start feeling consistent movement?

  4. All the women who take my class while pregnant they seriously look amazing! 3 classes a week is awesome!

  5. I'm seriously impressed that you keep going to Pure Barre (and so often!). You look great!!

  6. I saw some cute maternity sweater dresses at Target recently! It made me sad I wasn't pregnant over the winter!! Can't believe how far along you are! You look awesome!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. Ouch! Sorry about all the stomach aches♥♥ Cute bump♥


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