Monday, September 14, 2015

Pregnancy | Week 15

Size of Baby: Baby M is the size of an apple. Little one is around 4 inches long. 

Gender: We find out at the end of the month! 

Weight Gain: My calculations were off these past weeks as I had my starting weight incorrect. Blame it on pregnancy brain! I am up 5 pounds which is right on track. 

Maternity Clothes: The few items I ordered from Target and Old Navy came in this weekend. Maternity dresses are still way too big for my little bump. So I am sticking to regular dresses for a while longer. I am LOVING Old Navy's Maternity Side Panel Skinny Jeans which I snagged for under $20! 

Nursery: Waiting to make any final plans until we know Baby M's gender. 

Movement: Feeling little flutters when I lay down or sit still. Can' wait to feel larger movements! 

Symptoms: Physically- I feel more like my pre-pregnancy self. The major symptom I notice is getting out of breath easily when working outside or at Pure Barre. I take lots of water breaks to help get my heart rate back down. Emotionally- I am a basket case. I had a really rough day Friday where I ended up crying in a co-workers office by 10am. Everyone at school has been extremely supportive and caring toward me with this pregnancy.

Sleep: Thanks to your great feedback last week, I decided to embrace my small belly for a bit longer until it gets super uncomfortable. I learned I can still sleep somewhat on my stomach if I elevate one side with a pillow. Thanks to this, I am sleeping like a baby! 

Cravings: Same carbs + fruit. I am loving muscadine grapes and pears right now. I could also eat a baked potato everyday for lunch. 

What I Miss: Running. Now that it is cooling off I am itching to go on a run. I hope to try a short one this week. 

Exercise: It was a rough week at work and I came home exhausted most days and it really impacted my workouts. Only got in 2 Pure Barre classes this week. I also enjoyed  4 long walks with the pup. 

Best Moments: Helping out with nursery at church this week. It was such a blessing to talk to the other women about newborn experiences and wisdom.

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  1. Love it! You are looking great!

  2. Congrats! And what good cravings you have- pass them my way!

  3. So exciting that your gender reveal is coming at the end of the month! Glad you've found a way to get some good sleep!

  4. So exciting! I know you are probably counting down the days until you find out if Baby M is a he or she! I'm not pregnant and just thinking about a baked potato for lunch sounds so good!


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