Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Snaps

It was our last teacher workday for the school year. So after closing out everything for the year I headed to lunch with a few friends from work and then enjoyed the afternoon by the pool. Friday evening Joe and I attended a going away cookout for our young adult leaders. I am ever thankful for them and the small group at our church as hey have truly made the triangle start to feel like home.

Enjoyed a great early morning run to start out the day. Then Joe and I headed out to complete a few errands and grab lunch. The afternoon was spent escaping the heat while watching the Jurassic Park series. Yep. All three! Just trying to get prepared for Jurassic World.

Another early morning run plus a long walk with the pup. There is a litter of bunnies by our house that we always spot in the morning. They are not scared at all and will let us sneak up pretty close. The day was spent packing odd and ends for our move. Doing a bit at a time makes it feel less overwhelming. Joe and I enjoyed an afternoon showing of Jurassic World followed by dinner at Bad Daddy's. I always sneak a few of Joe's tater tots as they are the best! Sunday wrapping up was not as much as a drag as it usually is since I am off work for the next 5 weeks!

How was your weekend? Did anyone else brave the crowds to see Jurassic World? I thought it was pretty good for an action movie. However, it was very graphic for young kids!

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  1. oh my gosh, me and my husband watched all three this weekend too. We are probably seeing it Thursday night if it is playing to attempt to avoid crowds. I can't wait!!!

  2. I need to have a marathon of hte jurrasic parks! sounds fun!

  3. My weekend was good! Was able to spend some time at the beach which I always enjoy. I did see Jurassic World Friday night. I kind of agree with you - I had to look away at some points due to the violence. I wasn't a fan of the original so I didn't have too high of expectations going in. But I was pleasantly surprised and entertained. Hope you have a great start to your week!

  4. We decided to skip the crazy crowds and the drive in movie theater a couple towns over was showing it so we decided to do that instead. It was totally worth the 35 minute drive and late night getting home. The movie was pretty darn good too! I was worried about the story plot but it was really good and didn't ruin the movie at all.


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