Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Workouts- Tips to Beat the Heat

Good morning! I am just getting back from an early run this morning. I am enjoying every second of summer break. There is lots of packing and cleaning happening to prepare for our move. Of course I am making time for time by the pool as well! I thought it would be a great time to share some warm weather running tips.

Each year as summer rolls around and the weather heats up I find myself changing my running routine to help beat the summer heat. My number one tip is to listen to your body. With the warmer weather and humidity, it takes more effort to exercise at your normal level. When temperatures go from 75 to 90 degrees, heart rate can increase by 10 to 20 beats per minute, which will make your perceived effort much greater. ( What that means is come fall running outside will feel much easier!

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I always carry a handheld water bottle with me in the summer. Taking a sip every few minutes helps keep my body them down. It is also nice to dump over your head when you get too hot. 

2. Avoid Chafing. If you have ever gone on a run in a tank top you know what I am referring to. I get lovely chafing under my arms almost every run. This makes for a miserable time in tanks or swimsuits due to the burn it leaves. Body Glide under my arms before every run helps me avoid that. 

3. Shade your Face. I always seek out the most shaded route. Wearing a hat or visor also helps tremendously. I don't wear sunglasses when I run so the visor helps to keep me from squinting the entire run.

4. Protection. Something you never think about is the amount of sun you can get on your skin while on a 30- 45 minute run. I am trying to prevent more sunspots appearing on my face so I always swipe sport sunscreen on my face and chest before heading out. I love the sunscreen that comes in stick form as it is so easy to apply.

5. Proper Apparel. Everyone knows to make sure you wear sweat wicking clothes. What many people look over is proper socks. Regular socks that you might wear to the gym will cause blisters.

How do you change your routine in the summer?
What is your favorite summer workout?
Do you love or hate running in the summer?

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  1. I always try to stay as hydrated as possible in the summer during workouts! It helps me so much!

  2. Good tips! If I can't run in the morning, I usually don't at all. 100+ is a little much for me!

  3. These are all great tips! I need to start wearing sunscreen before heading out for a workout!

  4. I always try to run before work in the early mornings when it's summer time. I love being outside to run, but some days it's just too hot and I'm forced to keep my workout on the treadmill : ( I love summer running (especially when it's not humid!) mainly because I can head out in shorts and a tshirt and don't have to worry about being too cold, all the layers, overheating, etc....

  5. Great tips! I'm trying to drink as much as water as physically possible these days!
    xo Southern Style

  6. Agree 100% with all these tips. I like the idea of a stick/glide on sunscreen for your face, less messy. I usually wear a hat too - one time i ran with sunglasses and that was a big mistake because they kept bouncing around on my face and would be great for the sunny spots but then dangerous in the woods! I never heard of that chafing stick, I'm going to look into that!


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