Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Simple Summer Staple - Infused Detox Water

This week I have been pretty busy which I love. Being off work during the summer months while Joe and other friends are still working can make for boring days at times. After two days of binging on TV, I reach my limit and start to crave structure and activities. This week has ben filled with packing for our big move, visiting with friends and packing for vacation next week! I am thrilled to be spending two weeks at the beach with my family. I am also squeezing in a bachelorette party over the weekend of July 4th.

With lots of beach time my future, my goal is always to eat clean to avoid bloat. Another easy tip I always do to keep slim is stay hydrated! I find that I drink 2x more in the summer as an attempt to beat the summer heat. Staying hydrated actually can help reduce bloat. I love sipping on flavored water instead of plain water to help file soda cravings as well. An added benefit besides flavor is the detox qualities of many fruits.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite flavor combos. Adding ingredients such as raspberries, cucumber and mint create a detox powerhouse in your water. Hence the term Detox Water! Detox water is great for helping remove bloat while hydrating your body. Right now I am loving pineapple and mint. All I do to prepare it is place a few slices of each in a bottle right when I get up in the morning. I let it sit in the fridge and then 2 hour later I have delicious cool water!

 Here is the low down on some key ingredients. Red Raspberries and Strawberries contain strong antioxidants including Vitamin C as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Red raspberry ketones have also been used as a weight loss supplement for years.  Lemon improves digestive function, strengthens the immune system and can help curb appetite. Cucumber promotes hydration and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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  1. This is so clever! I love propel flavored water but this is so much healthier and a great idea.

  2. This is a great idea & I bet the water tastes great!

  3. This is seriously the best! Cucumber mint for the win!

  4. Yum I love infused water! Great way to get in your daily ounces

  5. This is so handy! Thanks for sharing!


  6. We love this tip! I seriously down infused water so fast, I can not keep it stocked in my fridge long enough!

    XO Taylor @ The Southerndoe



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