Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bikini Ready

The weather is finally warning up and I know spending long days out on the boat will be here before I can blink! That means it is time to get my booty in bikini shape. There are 9 short weeks looming between me and summer break. Tone It Up's bikini series came at just the right time! I'm thrilled to be joining in on this challenge and would love for you to join in as well.

So, what is the bikini series? It’s eight weeks of daily workout challenges & motivation from Tone It Up. The Bikini Series features a new workout video each week. My favorite part is that you can get rewarded for working out! The series features weekly prizes and grand prizes including a trip Playa Del Carmen just for signing up and following along! Also, if you are a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan 8 week, meal by meal Bikini Guide to follow during the bikini series.

Here are three things I'm focusing on over the next 8 weeks. I think it is important to make changes that are sustainable, not quick fixes.  

Three Tips for a Bikini Ready 2015
1) Workout daily. Aim to be active every single day, on rest days try to enjoy a long walk or a good stretch session.

2) Nourish your body. Enjoy fresh fruits and veggies as much as you want. Try and aim for an 80/20 ratio of whole foods and to processed/junk foods.

3) Set up for success. Schedule your workouts like an appointment and don't cancel. Prepare and plan  meals ahead of time helps decrease the chance of hungry junk food impulses.

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  1. great tips! it's so important to make exercise and healthy eating a priority, and planning ahead makes it so much easier!

  2. I wish that the bikini series wasn't so expensive! It sounded like a great thing to add to my current work out schedule... until I saw that price tag on it :( Can't wait to see how it works out for you though!

  3. Very good advice! I never wore a bikini even when I was thin, but it's great advice for anytime :)

    1. Forgot the hastag hahah #wowlinkup

  4. ooh this is great!! good luck!!

  5. I think eating fresh fruits and veggies is so important and so easy to neglect! Can't believe we're already talking about bikini season - can't wait! #wowlinkup

  6. I am feeling this series!!! Summer is not that far away and we had an extended winter so it is time to get it right and tight. Planning goes a long way. #wowlinkup

  7. I need to sign up for the Bikini Series! It starts while I am on my honeymoon so I can't start until week two. So excited for it!

  8. Ashley! So excited to be doing this series alongside you; I'm glad I found out you were doing this on IG! I think it's going to be fun, as always; my challenge is trying to make sure I have time to fit in my running schedule, alongside the TIU workouts, but I think I can make it work. I'm glad that they are going to give us the entire 8-week schedule at once so that I'll be able to plan. Can't wait to follow along with you!

  9. It is crazy summer is sooo soon, I majorly need to be better with exercising. Excited to follow along with you :)

  10. Hi,
    I just hopped by from #wowlinkup to check out your Bikini Ready Challenge. I can never resist anything that says Bikini Ready! I am working hard to get ready for warm weather so this is perfect timing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm so excited that summer, beach weekends and boat rides are here! Xo, Stephanie

  12. Uh, I really need to start thinking about this. Love summer, but not bathing suits!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  13. Found your blog through Shanna Said So. I seriously need to get my act together in this respect! I host a link up every Wednesday (still live), stop by if you get a chance :)

  14. I definitely need to get my act together and knock off the few pounds I've gained over the winter months!

  15. I need to workout more often myself but I get my 3 days in so I'm not sweating it LOL. #wowlinkup


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