Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Recap & January Goals

This morning had quite a dreary start as it was cold and rainy on my way to work this morning. My coffee run this morning is the only reason I currently have a little pep in my step! My coffee addiction is currently out of hand and need to start trying to make my lattes at home ASAP. Anyway... This morning I wanted to share a quick recap of my weekend and how I did on my January goals. Spoiler alert: I may have been a bit too lofty on my goals for this month.  

Friday night, Joe and I treated my parents to dinner while they were in town. I hate that we moved away from my hometown but thanks to doctor appointments at Duke we see my parents pretty regularly. A few weeks ago my Dad turned 60, so we made our dinner a belated birthday celebration complete with mile high strawberry shortcake! We enjoyed dinner at Nantucket Grill which is quickly becoming one of my favorite local restaurants. They have the most amazing selection of cakes and sweet treats which you always need for a good celebration. For dinner, I branched out a bit and tried the grilled steak salad. I always thought the combination was strange but it ended up being surprisingly delicious!

I told you that cake was huge!! I enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter cake and I could not even finish it. Which is saying something because I am always enjoy sweets to the last bite. 

Saturday morning I woke up itching for a workout. I headed to Pure Barre and then completed a short 2 mile run afterwards. As a treat to celebrate the end of the month I snagged this cute barre tank that I had my eye on. The cotton is so soft and light. It was perfect for barre class as well as my run afterwards. 

Saturday afternoon Joe and I headed to visit our friends from college and their newborn baby. They are the first in our group of friends from college to have a baby which is a huge milestone for our group. I loved getting the chance to visit and catch up with them and their adorable little girl.

Saturday night we took advantage of Triangle restaurant week and went to dinner at Capri Restaurant in Raleigh. Unfortunately, we were both unimpressed with the restaurant and the service. Since visitig Capri this past summer I had high hopes of enjoying delicious food while reminiscing on our trip.   It is rare that we completely strike out on a restaurant choice.  We made the best of it and decided to continue our Italian celebration when we got home with a bit of limoncello. I had forgotten how amazing this liquer tastes. I kept it simple with 1:1 ratio of limoncello to sprite. 

Sunday night we watched the Superbowl party at home while enjoying home made buffalo chicken bites. I adapted the recipe that I shared Friday so that it was the perfect serving size for two. Looking forward to sharing this later in the week. 

January Goals 

Alright now onto my January goal recap. I tried to set 5 attainable goals for January. I'll be sharing my February goals later this week. 

1. Reduce the amount of sweets I eat in a week. – Did not meet. This month I noticed that I tend to use sweets as a comfort food when I am stressed. All the sweets are currently out of out apartment and this is something I still am working on. 

2. Plan a group outing with friends. – Almost met. I enjoyed an outing with friends this month to see Wicked. However, since I planned it myself it doesn't really count. I already have a date on the calendar for a girl's night in February! 

3. Read one good book. -  Almost met. I picked up Big Little Lies from the library and am currently reading it when I get a chance. 

4. Take Charlie on a long walk 3 days a week. – Did not meet. This goal was a bit lofty considering the freezing weather we had mid January. I was able to take Charlie on a long walk about one time a week. 

5. Limit extra purchases. – Met! This one was the hardest for me as I was constantly picking things up but then just putting them back before I got to the register. I celebrated with purchasing a Pure Barre tank I had my eye on. :) I hope to continue to keep limiting extra purchases as much as I can these next few months. 

Well, that is all folks! That was one long post. Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend :) I love getting a good workout over the weekend!! Way to go on your goals

  2. Yum! I love limoncello


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