Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Honest Shakeology Cleanse Review

Alright so today I am back talking about Shakeology and the three day cleanse I told y’all about last week.  You can read all the details about what is recommended to eat on the cleanse here.  A quick summary of the cleanse is that you substitute two meals (breakfast and lunch) as well as one snack (afternoon snack) with a Shakeology shake.  For dinner, it is recommended to enjoy a large salad with lean protein.  You can also have a piece of fruit during the day if you get hungry.

I started the cleanse last Wednesday. I never felt hungry during the day and enjoyed not having to worry about packing my meals for lunch. Thursday I enjoyed shakes for breakfast and lunch. I ended up getting a bit hungrier than normal that evening after my workout so I enjoyed a sweet potato with my grilled chicken salad. Friday was the last day and I was starting to crave something I could munch on instead of sip during the day.  I started off with a shake for breakfast and enjoyed a piece of fruit as well. We ended up having dinner early with my parents so I never had the last shake. Instead I celebrated with a steak salad, some bread and then a giant piece of cake (whoops!).  As you can see, I followed the rules of the cleanse very loosely. Even with not following the plan exactly I still lost 4 pounds and am maintain the weight loss these past few days!

Thoughts After the Cleanse

I only enjoy Shakeology when it is blended with ice like a smoothie. I cannot stand the texture when it is blended with water in a shaker bottle.  Since I don’t have access to a blender at work, I made two servings at breakfast and carried them to the office. That was a bit tedious to remember each day.

Drinking cold shakes when it is freezing outside is not pleasant.

Personally, one to two day cleanses are best for me. I have struggled with being in a good place emotionally with food. Strict diet plans for longer periods of time tend to be a trigger for me. I don't want my body to feel restricted which can lead to a binge. I have talked briefly with my struggles in the past here.

It is important to listen to your cravings in moderation. I was able to lose weight even with enjoying bread and cake at dinner. The trick is don’t eat the whole cake or the entire bread basket.  I have always had the mentality that you have to eat XY and Z to lose weight.  With proper nutrition, you can enjoy treats occasionally and still lose weight!

I enjoy the taste of Shakeology but not enough to enjoy a shake three times a day for three days. That is way too much "chocolate like" flavor for me.

Would I do it again?

I would not do it for the total three days. Personally, I missed real food and felt myself getting pretty obsessed with food. I like the idea of doing a one day “refresh” every other month or so.

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  1. Oooh my aunt loves Shakeology mixes. I've never had any!


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