Monday, February 9, 2015

February Goals

Good morning friends! I hope the weather was just as beautiful this weekend where you are as it was in eastern NC.  Yesterday afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the weather  and headed to the Tobacco Trail with Charlie. Apparently, most of Cary had the same idea because it was packed. Charlie seeks out attention from anyone nearby when we go on a walk so it was quite an experience trying to keep him calm.  Even though he is almost two years old he has not mellowed compared to when he was a puppy.  At least the walk wore him out a bit and he rested all night. I am hoping February brings warmer weather and we can go on more walks without freezing!
If you read my recap of my January goal progress you can see I was a bit lofty with my goals as well as a bit lazy with the implementation J. So for February, you will see a lot of the same goals.

1. Plan a group outing with Friends. – This one is already on the books and am looking forward to a girl’s night out in Raleigh!

2. Take Charlie on a long walk 3 days a week. – Lord knows that we both need to exercise… so barring rain, sleet or snow we will be taking a chance with the cold and get outside! 

3. Organize, clean and sort my jewelry. -  I have a ton of fashion pieces that I don’t wear anymore that just needs to be tossed. Also, my silver jewelry desperately needs cleaning. I am hoping to take them to the jeweler and get them professionally cleaned. 

4. Learn how to make my own latte at home. – My morning vice is quickly becoming a skinny vanilla latte. I desperately need to get my own ingredients to help me save $3 every other morning. 

5. Try one new recipe a week. – I am slowly learning that eating healthy does not mean chicken and veggies each night. I am excited to try new recipes and maybe find a new favorite! 

Any recipe recommendations to try?

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  1. What fun goals!! I wish I could find how to make my own latte at home too :) Would save so much money.. Hope you figure it out!!

  2. Oooh I just updated my recipe tab so you should check some of those out! And if you're looking for something in particular with a specific meat or veggie, lmk! I've got tons of stuff bookmarked too. Good luck on your goals!!


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