Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday

I do love a short work week. I am so excited for spring break and vay-cay that is just around the corner! You know no Friday is complete without doing my 5 on Friday! Enjoy your weekend, friends and I'm going to make sure to keep you entertained while I'm away next week. 

{One} Drinking Lately. After an indulgent weekend, I was craving cookies for breakfast and sodas instead of water. To help reset my taste buds and get ready for the cruise, I completed a mini one day cleanse this week. Since I have my own juicer I made everything at home.  I'll be sharing my thoughts and tips next week

{Two} Snacking On. 3 Ingredient Cookies. I have trying to stop relying so much on packaged bars for snacks. So I whipped up these simple cookies for an easy snack. They are pretty delicious and very healthy. I  wouldn't serve these to guests (unless they were huge health nuts like me) but they are good for my lunch snack.

{Three} On my wishlist. Bourbon & Boweties. These bangles have been on my lust list forever. I love that you can mix and match the different bracelets to make unique stacks. Here's to hoping I can snag a few soon! You can check them out on Facebook!

{Four} Currently Reading. Sass Yourself Slim. I picked up this book since I am doing a major diet overhaul post marathon. The plan features mix-and-match healthy recipes that allows you to create your individual diet. I am really enjoying the easy, fresh recipes!

{Five} What's up next? Spring Break! Today marks the start of my spring break. My mom is coming into town today and then we are heading out on a girls cruise Saturday! I'm just thinking of it as a very non traditional Easter celebration. We are heading out on a short 5 night cruise on Celebrity Constellation. We are sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale and stop at Key West and Cozumel.

What's your plan for this holiday weekend? 

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  1. Check out Poppy Style. She makes similar bracelets to Bourbon and Bow ties. I have a few and they're super cute. Those 3 ingredient cookies are going to be made very soon. I love easy yummy recipes. Have a good spring break!

  2. love those 3 ingredients cookies, i plan to make them with almonds.
    i look forward to reading about your juicing, i am doing this every day at the moment!

  3. jealous of your cruise! have a blast :) those cookies look amazeballs.

  4. Love the idea of those 3 ingredient cookies to replaced packaged bars! I've been trying to cut out processed foods, but I love granola bars so much, haha. I will have to give that a try. Enjoy your cruise!!

  5. Found you on the blog hop!! Those things really are great!! I love those bangles, they are adorable!! My hubby and I are cruising in a few months, headed for Cozumel, Belize & Mahogany Bay...I wish we were leaving this weekend instead!!! Have a blast!!!

    I look forward to following along! :)

    Follow along:

  6. Hope you get some B&B Bangles...I live in mine!

    And wow..have fun on your cruise! Jealous!

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