Monday, February 24, 2014

Food & Fitness: February 23- March 1

Food:  Our fridge is looking pretty bare since I was out of town all last week. Looking forward to making a major grocery store run tonight. Thanks to Costco we do have ample amounts of frozen veggies and fruit to help us make do until we make it to the store. How often do you typically go grocery shopping? We tend to go once a week to pick up the fresh produce and meat we need.

Dinner Recipes

Monday- Baked Tilapia with baked sweet potato and green beans

Thursday- Dinner Out @ Tobacco Road 

Friday- Leftovers & Homemade Cadbury Cookie Bars
I'm experimenting with this recipe for a co-workers going away this week. I will share the recipe next week!

This week marks week 8 of marathon training. After this week, there is only 6 weeks until race day! I'm training with a local running store Fleet Feet Sports. We run together Tuesday nights and Saturday morning. All of my training is based on the marathon plan given to us by the store run coaches. 
This past week was tough due to traveling. I got in tons of miles walking around DC which made for heavy tired legs on my long run. Thankfully, after two weeks of building mileage it's time for a back down week. A back down week allows for my legs to rest slightly to help prevent injury due to overuse.  That's the funny thing with marathon training looking at the mileage, it may not seem like much rest. But when you consider the past two weeks it's a break in mileage. 
 I'm still trying to get in early morning workouts and hope to get in at least two again this week. I am also hoping to incorporate one class at the gym this week as well. 

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles & Group Workout
Wednesday: Body Combat Class
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: HIIT & Strength 
Saturday: 11 miles
Sunday: Rest 

What's on you meal plan this week?
Hope you all have a great Monday!



  1. Those Cadbury Mini Eggs are my FAVORITE!!

  2. We've been thinking about joining Costco or a similar store and just recently got an extra freezer; I guess you find the cost of membership worth it for just 2 people?

  3. I love Tobacco Road! I'm a devotee of their burgers, and my vegetarian boyfriend always appreciates their careful food prep. Enjoy :)

  4. I'll have to try the Fiesta Chicken recipe--we LOVE Mexican food!

  5. I wish I could plan ahead enough to set out the whole weeks meals. That fiesta chicken looks so yummy, and I love finding new crock pot recipes. And it looks like you've been get your fitness on girl! Way to go :)


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