Friday, February 7, 2014

Five On Friday

Hellooo Friday! Linking up for another round of Five on Friday.

1. The Olympics! Thanks to the winter Olympics I have a feeling I will not be getting much sleep these next few weeks. Bring on the figure skating!  Also excited for the first women's ski jump this year. You bet I will be watching the (tape delayed) opening games tonight!

2. New Spring Arrivals. I have been swooning over Loft's, The Limited's and JCrew's  sneak peaks at their spring line. I am trying to build a classic wardrobe that will still be fashionable years from now when the trends and over. The clean lines, simple patterns and beautiful colors are calling my name!

3. Technology pet peeves. Here is a little sneak peak into my job. We use an online program from the state to document meetings, IEPs and evaluations. We had an extra long meeting placement meeting for a student Wednesday afternoon and the program went down for maintenance in the middle of our meeting. As of last night, it was still not fixed! Thankfully we had our forms printed out and could continue the meeting on paper. Unfortunately, we only had one copy. Lots of acronyms were mentioned and at times even my head was spinning. 

4. Snack obsession. I picked up G.H. Creators popcorn Chicago Mix a few weeks ago from Costco. This completely breaks my rule of not getting giant sized snacks. However, it looked very interesting and I knew the hubs would love it. It was a huge hit! We are already on our second bag. I haven't found bags with just the caramel or cheddar but know they would be equally delicious. 

5. Running.  This week is a back down week in my marathon training. This means I am running less mileage this week to give my legs some rest. I am loving this week. My legs feel great and the weather has been cooperating to help me get my runs in outside. Tomorrow we are running an easy 8 miles in Umpstead Park.  My favorite part about training has been exploring this amazing city I get to call home. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. I am with you on the spring arrivals! I've got a shopping trip planned for tomorrow now after all of the emails this week of new lines. Can't wait! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I'm so excited for the Olympics too! We're having an opening ceremony viewing party at our house tonight! Figure skating is my favorite. I still remember staying up waaaaaay past my bedtime the year Tara Lipinski won the gold. Ahhh, the memories.

    That popcorn was so good! Besides my sriachia popcorn, Whole Foods has baked kettle cooked chips. The barbecue flavor is so good!

  3. wow "easy 8 miles"! good for you!! i'm hoping i can get to that point one day. my short term goal is to finish successfully compete in a 5k and then by the summer a 10k!!

  4. Hey Ashley, I found you on the link up :)
    That polka dotted top is so very cute! I've heard great things about that popcorn so I will have to try it out...yumm!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Visiting from the link up. Love your post on the popcorn. I found some at Costco and since from Meijer. Not sure if you have that chain in your area. I have found all cheddar but not all Carmel.

  6. Also visiting for the linkup! And just FYI...40% off of a bunch of stuff at Loft this weekend :)

  7. haha I am a teacher too and am sorry to say that there are so many times when I even have to go around asking what the dang acronyms mean! There are too many and I find there are different ones that serve the same purpose in every school district!

  8. i can't resist popping into Loft and picking up little spring items here and there! I'm just ready for winter to be OVER!!

  9. Oh my goodness- your "easy" 8 miles was my long run this week- ha!!! You go girl :)

  10. Oh girl I am so with you - I LOVE figure skating too. 8 easy miles huh?! Go you, that's a hell of a run in my book ;) xoxo


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